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2016-2017 national budget   documents

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vacancies with the fijian civil service

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I’m delighted to be here with all of you open this new subdivision project, and celebrate the bold step your community is making to take full control of your destiny by opening up your land for your benefit and the benefit of the Fijian people.
For eight straight years my Government has grown the Fijian economy, and during that time we’ve welcomed unprecedented investment to our shores and undertaken massive infrastructure development all across our islands. And, I’m very happy to say, the projections for where our economy is headed are nothing but promising – and we can expect more growth and more success for Fiji in the years to come. 

We have worked hard on the Fijian side to ensure that we bring as much of our Bula spirit of friendship and happiness to Astana as possible. Bula is not only the everyday Fijian greeting that everyone uses in our country but also means life in the iTaukei language of our indigenous people. And we certainly intend to bring Fiji to life here at EXPO 2017 with our music, dancing and other cultural displays. A big slice of our Pacific way of life transposed to this vibrant setting in central Asia.

11 August 2017, Indonesia: Fiji and Indonesia have signed a Plan of Action on Disaster Management Cooperation that will see the two countries exchange cooperation in the areas of disaster preparedness, management and response.

We want World Rugby to see the passion of our people, the support of our country and the unique Fijian way. We have the facilities, we have the hotels, we have the infrastructure, we have the air connections, we have the communications, and we are committed to using the next two years to make any infrastructure improvements that we need to make.

Today, we can finally put the disruption of Tropical Cyclone Winston behind us at the Tailevu North College. And I’m delighted to be with you all, and especially our students, as we officially sign off on the work that has been done as part of the government’s cyclone rehabilitation program. The major upgrading of five buildings that lost roofs and walls, and fixing the damage to 23 other buildings at an all-up cost of just over $850,000.



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