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2016-2017 national budget   documents

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vacancies with the fijian civil service

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Excellencies, if there is one thing we all know, it is that global financial markets respond to opportunity. And it is our job to seize this moment to accelerate the profound shift that is already taking place in global investment, away from the dirty economies of the past towards the new, better, smarter, cleaner economies of the future.

We need to develop innovative solutions to address climate change. We need to find better ways to finance adaptation and resilience. We welcome and encourage the expeditious transfer of climate-smart innovations and ideas that can assist vulnerable countries that are experiencing climate change on a daily basis.

As the rest of Fiji has cheered our march forward, as ordinary Fijians welcome the many benefits of our growing economy, our political opponents have found themselves clamouring for relevance. While we put our energy into better outcomes for ordinary Fijians, the Opposition has continued with their insults, the lies and their politics of division – all part of their desperate campaign to push Fiji back into the past. A past of provincialism, a path of ethnic consideration, a past of corruption, a past of petty point scoring, and a past that benefitted only the privileged.

Government has brokered an agreement that will allow all eTransport users to top up their Vodafone e-ticketing cards at Digicel stores nationwide. Upon rollout on Monday, 11 December 2017,

We’ve put Fiji on a new course of prosperity, with eight straight years of economic growth. Together, we are building a society that is better educated and growing more capable every day, and we are rewarding merit and hard work. Together, we’ve put stock in ability and we’ve invested in the potential of all of our people, including our young Fijians. Together, we’ve emerged on the global and domestic stage as a champion for the causes affecting vulnerable people and their human rights.



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