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  2016-2017 national budget documents

 To access the 2016-2017 National Budget Supplement and National Budget Estimates, click on the "Read More" link below .
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incentives annouNced to assist affectED fijians

For those who have experienced even greater damage, the FNPF will also offer greater assistance through the housing allocation fund so that you can rebuild your homes and put this disaster behind you as soon as possible.
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To view the images & videos of the devastation caused by TC Winston, click the "read more" button

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We intend to make the Fijian people respected the world over, for the quality of the goods and services they produce and their service to the international community. Brand Fiji and its clever, hardworking people a byword for excellence and a beacon – like Australia - to our smaller neighbours in the region and every developing country in the world.

We are also open for business, with a range of investment incentives and some of the lowest corporate and personal tax rates in the region. We are eager to explain all of this to those of you who have any questions at all about the investment climate. And, of course, there are a unique set of circumstances about Fiji that make us such an attractive investment option for Australian companies and those of other nations.

"Fiji recognises the importance of building resilience to this new norm of frequent natural hazards and effects of climate change to ensure sustainable development and saving lives in the future."

Friends, my Government has been at the forefront of the development and growth of sport in Fiji. Not only by ensuring that sport is adequately funded and that we can secure the proper technical expertise. But also by securing international standard events such as this one for the enjoyment of our people and to set a proper standard for local competition. I can assure you all that this commitment will continue.

Total investments in Fiji has been on an upward trajectory and continues to contribute 25 percent and above towards the Fijian GDP. It is even more promising to note that private investments is increasingly becoming the key contributor to total investments. In 2015, private investments comprised 20 percent of the GDP or 80 percent of total investments. Furthermore, with the widespread incentives and initiatives that the Fijian Government has in place, a large portion of foreign investments has been in the tourism and hospitality sector.



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