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Offering Free Shares to all Domestic Customers

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vacancies with the fijian civil service

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We in Fiji are proud of every relationship we share with the member countries of the European Union; relationships that have transformed the lives of Fijians and Europeans alike. And we recognise this event as a powerful tool in strengthening those relationships, and in finding new ways we can make life better for people here in Fiji, in the EU, and everywhere around the world.

Regions of Climate Action (R20), Fiji and Reunion Island have joined forces to create the Sub-national Climate Fund for Islands and coastal regions (SnCF Islands). They will work together to foster the development of green infrastructure projects for the Pacific in renewable energy, waste management and municipal lighting, as well as to create an investment fund to finance the projects.

  The Fijian Government will be issuing an expression of interest (EOI) seeking an internationally certified hospital operator to work with Government to develop, upgrade, equip and operate the Ba and Lautoka hospitals to raise the quality of their health services to meet full international standards.

So my fellow Fijians, we must continue to move away from the narrow-mindedness of the politicians who are now going around campaigning that we must go back to the old way of thinking and divide our people along ethnic, religious, and provincial lines, all to the detriment of you, your fellow Fijians and our country. This kind of thinking must never be brought back to any Government in Fiji.

We will not be deterred from pursuing new development, like the many projects opened all across Tailevu in recent years, many I’ve had the privilege to open personally. Instead, we will do what we must, pursuing new development that supports the well-being of ordinary people and that can be depended on, even when severe weather strikes.



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