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Education Ministry praises unity at Lavena village

For education to thrive in a school, a close bond between parents, students, the community and the school will surely produce commendable results.

Ever since the Ministry of Education provided a grant to the people of Lavena to build a school for their children, it only took the villagers one and half months to complete a four-classroom block, an ablution block for the staff and students, administration office and a staff quarters.

The short time span taken to complete this project is indicative of the unity and dedication amongst the villagers for they have a clear vision of the rewards they will reap as a result of their commitment towards education.

The Education Ministry acknowledges with great admiration how the villagers of Lavena managed to organize their day-to-day work to ensure that while construction work is in progress, attending to their gardens and family commitments are not compromised.

The villagers were divided into 2 groups and each group worked on alternate days in the construction of the school building. On their free days from school, the villagers worked on their plantation.

The Ministry greatly values the people’s allegiance and devotion to a cause that not only brought the villagers together, but more importantly, they have taught us a lesson that we can achieve more through collaboration and teamwork.

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