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Ministry applauds exceptional examinations results

Now that all the three external examination results are released, the Education Ministry extends its congratulations to all successful students for their hardwork and sacrifice.

On the same note, teachers are also acknowledged for the great work carried out in preparing students for these examinations.

The Ministry would also like to acknowledge all schools that have managed to attain 100% pass in any of the three external examinations.

Two island schools are worth mentioning for their exceptional results.

Kadavu Provincial High School has been scoring 100% passes in FSLC for the past 3 years.

Surprisingly, Bucalevu Secondary School in Taveuni managed a 100% pass for all its three external examinations last year and that is an exceptional achievement for a rural and island school.

In that regard, the Ministry would like to remind schools that despite the geographical location of their schools, the available resources and the different caliber of students, it is the teachers, who will make the difference in getting students to attain their best at school.

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