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New fire station supports Nadi growth

Nadi's new fire station will be a landmark for Nadi town.

Minister for Local Government, Urban Development, Housing and Environment Colonel Samuela Saumatua opened the state of the art Nadi Fire Station today, 22nd January.

The new fire station is located along the Hospital Road, beside the Saint Michael Catholic Church in Nadi.

NFA Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Jone Koroi: “The new Nadi fire station will be another milestone for NFA as it modernizes the provision of its services to the community.” 

“The people of Nadi will be the direct beneficiaries of this modernized facility," he added.

The current Nadi Fire Station was built in 1967 and was managed by the town council of that period. The NFA took over the fire service from the municipalities following legislation of the National Fire Service in 1994.

“This development is a timely response by NFA in support of the protection and enhancement of economic growth and development in the jetset town of Nadi and its fast-growing neighbouring communities," Mr Koroi said.

"But most importantly, this new development reflects NFA’s focus on improving its services to ensuring the community's safety and well-being of our people against the devastating impact of fire.”
“NFA is working in line with its Strategic Roadmap to analyse existing Government growth policies and strategic planning to pre-position NFA’s infrastructure for future expansion and the construction of NFA’s new Nadi station is testament to this." 

"During natural disasters our fire fighters have worked hard to serve the people of Nadi and its neighboring communities using the old facilities, which is located opposite Prince Charles Park, and most times during flooding our current station has been one of those buildings grossly affected,” Mr Koroi added.
NFA statistics reveal an increase in home fires particularly in the Nadi area and this is of great concern to the Fire Authority. Nadi started the year with a fire at the Morris Hedstrom (MH) bulkstore and we commend the MH management for complying to fire safety practices on their property. Their compliance enabled the fire to be contained to the area of origin. This emphasizes the importance of fire safety compliance by all businesses.

The National Fire Authority is calling on all leaders of Government departments, the Chamber of Commerce, Town administrators, religious leaders, community leaders, village elders, among others, to assist promote fire safety measures to their respective groups and communities.

This call for assistance also goes out to parents to spend more time with their children and talk about the importance of fire safety. Why accidentally burn up your lifetime investments when you can avoid it by observing proper fire safety precautions.

The new Nadi fire station will contain more office space for the operational staff, a conference room and a mini gym for the staff’s fitness programmes. The fire fighters can now embrace a more effective means of working daily and during natural disasters as this building is constructed with hurricane proof material and is located on high ground.

“NFA will also strive to be proactive in improving its infrastructure and facilities and the procurement of additional technical equipment and improved communications facilities that will enhance NFA’s preparedness," Mr Koroi said.

"NFA plans to commence construction of the new Savusavu Fire Station and the securing of a new National Headquarters and Suva Fire Station this year,” Mr Koroi added.

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