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Transport assistance on target

More than a quarter of Fiji’s total student population, whose forms have been processed, have qualified for the Transport Assistance Scheme and will be traveling to school using their transport coupons from this week.
These are students whose parents’ combined income does not exceed $15 000.
A total of 450 schools have had their forms processed and this number is expected to increase since the Ministry is still receiving applications from schools, whose enrolment schedule has affected their submission.
Moreover, a number of forms which were incorrectly filled, those which were not stamped from school and those which were assessed as “doubtful” have been returned to school for proper verification processes before re-submission.
The Ministry of Education is grateful that it is able to deliver coupons to all the nine Education districts last week and schools, whose forms have been processed, are expected to collect their coupons from their District Education Offices.
Eligible students from schools in the Northern Division will collect theirs today.
Minister for Education, National Heritage, Culture & Arts, Youth & Sports, Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Mr Filipe Bole. 

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