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Verata hosts PM

Government is serious about improving the living standards of people living in rural areas, especially those without proper drinking water supply, accessibility to roads and other basic amenities that could help contribute to the growth of the economy.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama made the remarks during a visit to the chiefly village of Ucunivanua in the tikina of Verata in the province of Tailevu.

The chiefly village of Ucunivanua had invited PM Bainimarama to witness first hand the problems faced by the villagers and discuss the challenges that impact their daily lives.

An issue raised was the rate of soil erosion occurring along the Ucunivanua seaside brought on by high tide and rough waters.

Senior Technical Officer Public Works Mr Jotame Mata says that in 2002 the Department of Roads carried out construction works in the village by erecting walls, using rock armour or mini rock islands to cushion the impact of strong waves before washing ashore.

He said the construction of the buffer wall is intended to protect the village from washing away.

“Plans have been drawn by the Department of Roads to restore the loss of land that was washed away, but this will depend on the availability of funds,” Mr Mata said.

Mr Mata says options are available to either implement the work in phases or in one haul.

Following the inspection of development projects in Ucunivanua, Commodore Bainimarama visited Kumi village in Verata. The PM said Government is trying to develop rural communities by providing them fresh water supply and basic amenities.

He informed the villagers of the major challenges currently faced by the Water Supply Department - that 60 percent of fresh water pumped daily by the water authority does not reach the public.

PM Bainimarama said individuals who are found to be illegally accessing water from the main water mains will be taken to task.

The PM noted other factors contributing to the water demand-supply gap and they were: pipes carrying fresh water are broken or individuals are out-sourcing water without Government’s knowledge.

Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama also highlighted Government’s policies and major changes currently in place that will contribute to Fiji's economic growth.


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