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Our people have recognised the need for a new standard of resilience to meet the constant threat we now face, even outside the traditional cyclone season. They know - because they lived through it - that we must build back stronger and better to survive the more frequent and more intense cyclones that are coming because of climate change.
Here in Fiji, we are fully committed to our agenda for expanding access to high quality education. We’ve made education free for the first time in Fijian history, we are proving our students with free textbooks and subsidised transportation to school. And, recently, we’ve massively expanded access to merit-based scholarships and our affordable tertiary education loans scheme, and made those programmes more tailored to students’ needs.
Sustainability has been at the core of my Government’s development agenda since day one. I have said time and time again, and I repeat tonight: no development in Fiji will be unsustainable. And, in the time that has passed since I was with you all at last year’s awards ceremony, our passion for sustainable development has been elevated and channeled in ways that, just a few short years ago, few would have imagined possible for a small island state like ours.
Make no mistake, our game plan for our Sugar Industry is about keeping our cane industry at the heart of our economic growth. And our work with our iTaukei landowners is about giving you the tools you need to develop your land and get the most out of your land resources. So that all of you, our farmers and our landowners, can have the assurance and stability you need to do well by yourselves and your families.
We come into this Year of the Earth Dog a very different animal than we did a mere 12 years ago — and the best accomplishment of all is that all Fijians, regardless of ethnicity, background, or socio-economic standing, can celebrate these successes as equals. As a prospering Fijian family, united as one.
The small and medium entrepreneurs or SMEs of this country are the engines of our economy. The income you generate from your businesses and the jobs you create contribute to the economic development of our nation. You certainly contribute to rural development, poverty alleviation, empowerment of our youths and women, and the diversification of our agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. You are, without a doubt, all winners.
The threat that climate change poses to the entire world is undoubtedly the greatest collective challenge humanity has ever faced. The resulting natural disasters pose a particular threat to vulnerable nations everywhere, including those of us in the Asia Pacific. So I’m pleased to welcome so many of you from throughout the Asia-Pacific region to Fiji for the 4th Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Media Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction.  
These attacks on our temples are attacks on every Fijian and every religion in Fiji. They are attacks against our Constitution and our secular state. And they are attacks on the very bonds of nationhood that connect us all and that unite us in our great journey forward as a nation.
We are a nation blessed with incredibly talented and dedicated athletes. All around the globe, people know Fiji because they know that we field some of the fiercest competitors in the world. Despite our limited resources, we never leave anything on the field, we always play our hardest and we’ve earned a reputation for athletic excellence.
Our economy is booming, our unemployment is the lowest we’ve seen in 30 years, and – on the back of an education revolution – we are fielding the most talented workforce in Fijian history. And I’m very glad to note that we have over 300 Fijians employed right here in Tappoo City, Lautoka.
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