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The Global School-Based Student Health Survey, conducted by the World Health Organisation in 2016, estimated that only 19.2 per cent of students aged 13-15 years in Fiji reported that they were physically active for at least 60 minutes a day within a 7-day period. Notably, the same survey highlighted that the level of physical activity among female students in Fiji, and across all surveyed Pacific Island Countries and Territories, was lower than their male counterparts.
That summit will be the first of its kind since global leaders came together for the Paris Agreement of 2015 and we must make it count. It will be taking place the year before the Paris Agreement comes into force in 2020. So as a means of raising ambition, its importance cannot be overestimated.
Our Peacekeepers carry on a proud Fijian legacy that stretches as far back as the First World War. As for over a century, Fijians have answered the call of the vulnerable; bravely risking their lives for the sake of peace, wherever and whenever the need has arisen. Driven solely by the pursuit of peace, Fijian soldiers have braved some of the most dangerous and volatile regions on Earth; their service spans both decades and continents.
We owe our thanks to the many individuals and parties who made these peacekeeping operations possible, and who continued to cultivate this mission over the past four decades. We thank our then national leaders in the 1970s who initiated the idea for Fiji to be involved in peacekeeping operations.
We are a nation of under one million people, and my Government has brought a style of leadership to Fiji that listens and learns from Fijians -- all Fijians, everywhere in the country. Fijians know that they can count on my Government to hear them out and respond to their concerns.
Each community in Fiji is unique, and each faces a unique set of challenges. Only you are able to speak to those challenges in a way that leads to change.
I thank the brave Fijians who have taken up the call to serve in UN Peacekeeping Operations. You represent the very best of Fiji. And you, and all of your family members, will always have the support of your fellow Fijians, and you will always have our gratitude.

Fiji has one of the world’s smallest militaries and this commitment represents a significant contribution to the maintenance of international peace and security. In fact, at any given time half of Fiji’s military is either deployed overseas or training to replace those deployed overseas. Present soldiers are all too aware of the legacy that they have to uphold and it is good to share with the public in this 40th Anniversary year.

Fiji is growing, our economy is growing, and our population is growing, and our health system is growing as well, as we put in the services, infrastructure and personnel to meet the increasing demand for high-quality health services across the country.
It is no coincidence that the Fijian economy is the strongest today than it has ever been, we certainly haven't stumbled our way into nine straight years of economic growth. We have achieved that because we have finally brought bold and visionary leadership to Fiji.
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