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Ladies and gentlemen, we are levelling the playing field across Fijian society, giving every Fijian, including every iTaukei, equal access to our prosperity and to the benefits of their labour. But even when seeing all of that progress, these same politicians, these same failed leaders, are back at it again with claims the iTaukei face some grave threat to their well-being.
Ladies and gentlemen, today, we are breaking ground for much more than just another landmark infrastructure project. Today, we break ground on a new era of development and growth for Nausori.
Commitments to small and large managed and protected areas in our oceans provide an opportunity for the restoration of fish stocks and for ocean ecosystems to adapt. This is particularly important because of the additional stress of climate-induced warming and acidification. Also, current research shows a possible 20 to 50 per cent loss in some fisheries in the coming years due to climate change alone. That is why Fiji has committed to 30 per cent management of our inshore marine areas by 2020.
The purpose of the Local Conference of Youth is to bring together local youths of various backgrounds who are passionate about addressing climate change, sharing their experiences, and help promote a sustainable lifestyle. Conferences such as this provides a platform for youth leaders around the Pacific to gather and create adaptive solutions to combat climate change issues.
We need to expand the number of experts in the field of science to assist our country grow. Whilst the Fijian Government has measures in place to address this issue, parents, teachers and guardians are once again reminded to encourage their children to take up science subjects in school.
One of the simple and ironic truths about climate change is that the more we want everything to stay the same, the more we are going to have to change. Loss of land, degradation of our oceans, extreme weather and the other certain effects of warming will rob us of community, culture and livelihood.
The development shall see sporting activities promotion in the Nasinu corridor and allowing the Nasinu Citizens to witness local and national games at home turf. It is expected that the development shall create wider benefits to Nasinu Town including increase economic reticulation.
Friends, as we acknowledge the generosity of Leonardo DiCaprio, we are also seeking other donors to scale up this program a quickly as possible to reach the roughly 400 other Fijian communities currently not served by the national grid. I commend it to anyone who believes that from little things, big things grow.
Friends, we must get the message out loud and clear that our current Nationally Determined Contributions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions made under the Paris Agreement fall far short of the target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above that of the pre-industrial age.
Today, 95 per cent of all Fijians now have access to cellular data. We’ve also deregulated the sector, and brought in competition that has driven down prices and improved the quality of services on offer by giving consumers more choice in the marketplace.
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