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The 2030 Agenda, with Sustainable Development Goal 14 on oceans represents our last chance. It provides a global roadmap that paves the way for humanity to once and for all salvage our ocean from its current cycle of decline. SDG14 is something we in the Pacific can take pride in, as it is through our dedicated efforts in New York that SDG14 was adopted. And now we must make SDG14 work.
It is Government’s responsibility to be the guiding hand in this, to make sure that as many Fijians as possible are served by government programs, and that we build and upgrade infrastructure and establish new facilities around the country. People in all parts of the country have needs, and I have committed to make sure that no part of the country is neglected.
The changing climate is placing challenges before all of us, which is why I will be dedicating a good part of the next year to leading the global effort to slow that change down and help people adapt to it. It is so important that I have decided that Fiji will defer our candidacy for a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council. We are a small country, and this year our Ambassador in Geneva and our foreign-policy resources need to be focused on climate change and our presidency of COP 23. We simply cannot do them both and do them well. And right now, climate change is the wolf at our front door. But I can assure you that we will renew our candidacy following our presidency of COP 23.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know that domestic violence in Fiji is far too common. We are working hard in Government and civil society to end it, but I say that more can be done. You have heard me say many times—and I will say it again: Domestic violence is a national shame. Rape is a national shame. And together we must do much more to stop them.
We come together as a nation today in a solemn act of faith – a service of remembrance and thanksgiving to commemorate the first anniversary of one of the most traumatic days in Fijian history.
No other government in Fijian history has done more to develop our economy and the tourism industry in particular. No other government has looked at the Fijian economy holistically as we have. Our record of economic management is unrivalled – seven straight years of growth including an impressive two per cent in one of the most testing years in our history.
As I’ve said many times before, sport in Fiji is one of the greatest sources of unity and of inspiration for our people. We have a love of athletic competition unrivalled anywhere in the world, and therein lies the real secret to our success – our passion. The passion seen from our cheering fans here at home and the passion our athletes bring to competition – that is why we are able to continually amaze the world with our success.
I rise to inform Honourable Members about aspects of Fiji’s presidency of COP 23 – the ongoing UN negotiations on climate change that I will preside over in Bonn, Germany, in November.
I’m delighted to be here with you all on my first day in Kadavu to officially handover these desks, chairs, beds and mattresses to the deserving students of Kavala Bay Primary School. My first stop on what will be a very busy couple of days opening development projects all across Kadavu. 
All of you here today know, that is why nursing stations like this are so important. Here, you can be treated for injuries before they cause permanent damage, if left untreated. Here, expectant mothers can get the advice and care they need to give birth to healthy babies.
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