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Education is the cornerstone of our nation’s future. I firmly believe that for Fiji to be a fair country in which all Fijians are equal, and a smart country, not one child can be neglected. As a nation, we must all move forward together.
There is no doubt that for such a relatively small and isolated place, you have had a disproportionate influence on Fiji’s development. We find Rotumans scattered throughout Government, the private sector, the Military and other professions.
The opening of this office marks another major step in my Government’s efforts to ensure that all Fijians have equal access to the justice system.
As you know, as Prime Minister I have made it a priority to ensure that the Fijian Government delivers services to its citizens efficiently and equitably.
My Government through the key industry stakeholders is engaging in tough negotiations for raw sugar export especially when the market price has fallen by some 22% in the EU market.
No job is more important, and no job is nobler than teaching. Teachers are not only educators, they are mentors. They play a critical role in molding our children into responsible adults and giving them the skills they need to succeed in life.
Upgrading Fiji’s local municipal markets is one of the most crucial actions we can take to unlock new opportunities for ordinary people.

Markets are the lifeblood of a community. They are a natural attraction to both locals and visitors for the wide selection of fresh produce, local crafts and other items they offer.

So this is a great day for the women of Bua and a great day for Bua as a whole. Because our women are the backbone of every Fijian community and what benefits them benefits everyone. They are our sisters, wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunties and all have a special place in our lives.
The arrival of the Sigavou in February and now the Vunilagi is just the start of this process, which will continue with the planned arrival of a third new vessel this time next year. And there are also plans for a fourth vessel as we continue to upgrade the current fleet of seven vessels and build on the remarkable resurgence we are now seeing in the fortunes of the GSS. It is truly the dawn of a new era of inter-island shipping in Fiji and cause for great celebration, especially in those isolated places where these new vessels will soon become a familiar sight.
Your display of timing and precision has been exemplary and no doubt your parents and guardians, teachers, friends and schoolmates will be very impressed with your performance.
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