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Today marks the end of an era – as I leave the RFMF after having had the immense honour and privilege of being your Commander for the past fifteen years.
The leader of SODELPA is offering ordinary Fijians nothing new. SODELPA has learned nothing.
All that comes to an end today in this new phase of my Government’s Look North Policy, in which we have made it a priority to develop Vanua Levu for the benefit of its people and the entire country.
This is a very important occasion, not only because of the subject matter of this book but because we have so few events like this in Fiji.
The importance of this initiative for those Fijians who are visually impaired – who can’t see properly - cannot be overstated. For the first time, those of you who have learnt Braille can have access to the full contents of the supreme law of our nation, the law that governs us all.
I’m delighted to be here to turn on the tap on a new era. And to share what I know is your joy that the days of worrying about the quality of your water are over. More than 200 Fijians living in 47 houses able to finally access not only enough water but more than enough for their present needs.
Halo Oloketa and a very good afternoon to you all. I also say “bulavinaka” from the Government and people of Fiji. They send their congratulations and warmest regards as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of your Independence.
I’m delighted to be back in Nadroga and especially in Vatukarasa – one of the most attractive, vibrant and integrated villages along the beautiful Coral Coast. The thing about Vatukarasa that has always impressed me is the sense of community spirit here and the can-do attitude of its people.
"I ask all of you in this Chamber to work with me to put our children and young people first; to support those measures that we have planned to improve the lives of our young people, broaden their horizons and open up the world of opportunity that awaits them if we join hands to give them the “leg-up” that they deserve."
As we begin this New Year, we can take account of how far we have come. In the past year we have accomplished much together. You spoke, and we listened.
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