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That is the protection of our children. I know that we are now in school holidays and I really appreciate the good heart to have an intervention on the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (PCAN) during this SUIS Camp amongst approximately 400 children.
I always say that our education revolution is my proudest achievement as Prime Minister and it’s true. Because I know that with this great leap forward, we were able to do so much to provide opportunity for the young people of Fiji.
2017 is going to be a huge year for Fiji in its engagement with the rest of the world – President of COP-23 and cohost of the United Nations Conference on Oceans. So I want to brief you all on how I see the year ahead, its importance to our nation and what it means to every Fijian.
Fiji warmly thanks the nations of the Asia-Pacific for putting us forward and giving us our own opportunity to show leadership by presiding over COP-23. And I again pledge to do everything in our power to draw global attention to this most pressing issue that humanity faces - the preservation and survival of the planet on which we all live.
We have made a strong start with the Paris Agreement and we especially welcome the rapid entry into force of that agreement, which Fiji led by becoming the first nation in the world to lodge its ratification instruments.
We intend to work as hard as we can over the coming months to bring the world’s attention to the urgent need to reverse the degradation of our oceans and seas.
But Fijian is what we all are today. And that is cause for further celebration. That we are finally one nation, one people. With equal rights and equal opportunity finally guaranteed for every citizen in our 2013 Constitution.
I am very proud of the partnership between my Government and the Peace Corps, and I am a firm believer in the idea that a just and free society must do its best to lift up the marginalized, provide them opportunities and make them equal. 
Tonight’s celebration must also be an occasion for sober reflection on the importance of managing the FNPF properly. Of entrusting its fortunes to highly qualified professionals and keeping it out of the hands of unscrupulous politicians or those who think they can treat it as a slush fund or those who do not have the expertise to make sober decisions.
We need to take extreme caution in maintaining the electrical wiring in our homes. We need to make sure our appliances are turned off and are unplugged when not in use. We need to keep flammable materials out of the house and keep our gas containers away from heat sources. We need to keep hazardous materials away from children and teach them the dangers of playing with fire.
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