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Fiji welcomes the new climate change agreement adopted in Paris late in the evening of Saturday 12 December at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). This deal represents a huge step forward for humanity in combatting climate change.
Once again we are all celebrating Fiji Day – 43 years after our flag was first raised on Independence Day, 1970.
I am very proud of the partnership between my Government and the Peace Corps, and I am a firm believer in the idea that a just and free society must do its best to lift up the marginalized, provide them opportunities and make them equal. 
We need to take extreme caution in maintaining the electrical wiring in our homes. We need to make sure our appliances are turned off and are unplugged when not in use. We need to keep flammable materials out of the house and keep our gas containers away from heat sources. We need to keep hazardous materials away from children and teach them the dangers of playing with fire.
We have to be careful when smoking in our homes, when lighting our candles and our mosquito coils and even when cooking in the kitchen. Any of these activities have the potential to causes fires that can cause widespread damage and end lives. So please be vigilant. Please take these risks seriously. Please help us all keep our communities safe from harm.
Life will get better if we replace dirty energy with clean energy. Life will get better if our soils are more productive. Life will get better if our oceans are healthy and less acidic. Life will get better if we can protect our forests and plant more. Life will get better if we have green buildings, not inefficient ones.
"Mr Chairman, the Fiji sugar cane industry continues to be a significant contributor to our economy – contributing 8% towards our total export proceeds and providing livelihoods for about 200,000 Fijians or 25 per cent of the population."

We have in front of us an opportunity to show a global audience the calibre and class of Fijian rugby. To show them how a small island nation can consistently remain on top of the rugby world. It is our moment, so let’s seize it and show them what we are made of. Our Flying Fijians and Fijianas are the pride of our nation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know that domestic violence in Fiji is far too common. We are working hard in Government and civil society to end it, but I say that more can be done. You have heard me say many times—and I will say it again: Domestic violence is a national shame. Rape is a national shame. And together we must do much more to stop them.
Working side-by-side with our cane farmers and the Fiji Sugar Corporation, my Government has put this industry back on a path towards a resilient future – a future where sugar remains a bedrock of our economic growth and prosperity. As of 19 November, over the course of 25 weeks, our three mills crushed 1.61 million metric tonnes of cane, yielding 178.9 metric tonnes of sugar with a TCTS of 9.0. Compared to last year, these estimates mark a 19 per cent increase in cane production, a 30 per cent increase in sugar production and a nine per cent improvement in TCTS.
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