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My Government, through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, shares WOWS’ commitment to easing the burden of cancer and supporting families. In 2016, the Ministry of Health, with the Fiji Cancer and WOWs Kids, signed the World Cancer Declaration, with the goal of reducing the preventable mortality rate of cancer patients in Fiji.
As a government, we saw clearly what needed to be done to modernise our economy and we’ve made it happen, but we aren’t resting on our laurels. We see what still remains undone to take Fiji into an even more prosperous future, and we are ready to do what is necessary to embrace new and better opportunities. That is what gatherings such as this are all about.
Every day as a Fijian in America, your pride is a testimonial for our country. The smiles that you share with neighbours can turn into diplomacy. Your words and cherished memories can be converted into increased tourism and investment. And most importantly, your pride in our shared identity as Fijians brings our entire Fijian family closer together.
As we celebrate 47 years of Independence, let’s all remember that our mission is never over and we must keep Fiji moving forward. We must stay unified, one nation and one people, dedicated to realising a brighter future.
I’m delighted to be here this morning to celebrate this special day on the Chinese calendar, as you mark 68 years since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.
Your institution’s dedication to the education and empowerment of women has helped pave the way for the success that Fiji and the Fijian economy enjoy today. And in the years to come, I have every confidence that the bright young students enrolled at ACS today will continue the fight for progress and equality in our society.
All over the country, Fijians have rallied together in a series of events to highlight the impacts of climate change and what we can all do to tackle it. And whether it is the coral planting, mangrove planting, tree planting, the cleaning up of our foreshores and all manner of other activities that have been part of the program, our people have united behind the call for action. The call for change.
Mr President, Fiji is deeply conscious that governments alone cannot meet this challenge. Which is why we are placing such emphasis on the notion of a Grand Coalition of governments at every level, civil society, the private sector and ordinary citizens moving this agenda forward.
I’m honoured to participate at this high-level event because of the importance of the ocean to my country Fiji and the Pacific region. Today’s theme, “The Ocean - A wealth of opportunities” is a very timely one as this has been an important year for the ocean at the UN. And we must remain committed to build on the current momentum.
As incoming President of COP23, I want to recognize your leadership on climate change, Mr. President, and the efforts of France to bring the world the Paris Agreement. It is an historic achievement for humanity. As the incoming Presidency of the COP, I want to assure you that Fiji will do everything in its power to preserve and protect the legacy of the Paris Agreement.
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