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We need to do much more to convey the sense of urgency the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action represents – the urgency to accelerate climate action; the urgency to seek out innovative solutions and implement transformative and sustainable initiatives; the urgency to pull everyone together to join this massive effort; and the urgency to put in place enabling mechanisms to make it all possible.
Addressing climate change is at the heart of our common future. This is why the Paris Agreement is so important. We all must continue to create prosperity and to ensure the wellbeing of the nations and ecosystems of the world.
Never forget that the patients you serve are ordinary men and women – they and their families have anxieties, they have concerns and they have questions. Questions you need to be there to answer, and anxieties and concerns that you need to be there to assuage.
Our Constitution has been acclaimed internationally. It, amongst other things, mandates equality between all Fijians and a common identity. It has a comprehensive Bill of Rights, which affords all Fijians civil, political and socio-economic rights. More importantly, the Constitution does not just suggest action or simply express ideals.
My Government through the Mahogany Industry Development Act 2010 and the Mahogany Industry (Licensing and Branding) Act 2011 changed the course of the mahogany industry where it made it more responsive to the needs of ordinary Fijians and placed it in a position to not only promote the brand Fiji Pure Mahogany worldwide which attracts premium pricing but ensures sustainability of the industry through its reforestation measures
I call on each and every one of you to put aside differences and work towards a common goal – the urgent goal to pursue efforts to keep global temperature increase to within 1.5 degrees Celsius; and the equally urgent goal to strengthen the resiliency of vulnerable communities.
Our relationship with the World Bank Group is growing and your presence in Fiji will not only benefit Fiji but all Pacific countries, as together there are many opportunities for the development of the Pacific Region.
Today marks yet another exciting chapter not only for our fellow Fijians present here but also the Fijian Government as we continue with the disbursement of the Fijian Government’s Micro and Small Business Grant disbursement to our well-deserved 2,331 Grant recipients here in Nausori.
As you know, my Government has put a priority on improving education in Fiji and making it more accessible. That has meant improving facilities, freeing parents of the many financial burdens that they once had to bear, improving the teacher pay, the quality of teaching and improvement in the learning environment throughout the country.
I’m delighted to be here with all of you open this new subdivision project, and celebrate the bold step your community is making to take full control of your destiny by opening up your land for your benefit and the benefit of the Fijian people. 
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