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We are here, under the banner of the Pacific Islands Development Forum, in recognition of the fact that our oceans, and the life they sustain, face threats more severe than at any time in our history. And as Pacific Island nations, it is critical that we lead the charge in advancing the responsible stewardship of our oceans and the sustainable management of our ocean resources. 

I’m delighted to be here with all of you to open this new virgin coconut oil factory here in Daku Village.
We’ve made considerable progress helping farmers make the move from sustenance to commercial farming, there is still a lot of work left to be done. I know that because I spend every minute I can at the grassroots level, listening to ordinary Fijians and understanding their experiences, so I have a very clear idea of where we are today and where we need to be. 
We have worked hard on the Fijian side to ensure that we bring as much of our Bula spirit of friendship and happiness to Astana as possible. Bula is not only the everyday Fijian greeting that everyone uses in our country but also means life in the iTaukei language of our indigenous people. And we certainly intend to bring Fiji to life here at EXPO 2017 with our music, dancing and other cultural displays. A big slice of our Pacific way of life transposed to this vibrant setting in central Asia.
We want World Rugby to see the passion of our people, the support of our country and the unique Fijian way. We have the facilities, we have the hotels, we have the infrastructure, we have the air connections, we have the communications, and we are committed to using the next two years to make any infrastructure improvements that we need to make.
Serving in our Police Force is not an easy job, nor is it meant to be. You are the wall that protects the vulnerable from those who would seek to prey on them. You are the answer to the call from those who are in distress. You maintain order and you uphold the law. And you do so as servants. Because you are servants to the public, just as I am as Prime Minister.
We are nation spread out across over 300 islands and we are a people separated by vast oceans and seas. But today, we can celebrate that we’ve brought our people – our Fijian family – a bit closer, by extending the reach of AM radio broadcasts to every Fijian and every corner of our islands.
We have assembled Team Fiji with local and international expertise so that we can manage the level of technical detail involved in this process. And to be a credible leader to the parties of this international agreement that is so vital for the future of humanity.
I’m delighted to be here this evening, not only because we have such a wonderful performance lined up, but because we are all here to support such a great cause – to raise funds for the redevelopment of the Rewa Branch of the Shree Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha.
We need everyone working in our Pine Industry to remain committed over the long-term to protect our forests from disasters, such as fires, and replant our forests so that our sons and daughters, and our grandchildren, can inherit the same bounty that our forests provide us with today.
Today, I have the pleasure of distributing 1.5 Million Dollars in lease security bonus payments to our landowners – matching the record setting payment that was distributed last year. It’s hard to believe that our first lease bonus payment in 2013 stood at 350,000 Dollars, and today – only five years later – this payment stands at more than four times that amount, as we celebrate another big win for Fiji Pine, our landowners and the entire Fijian economy.
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