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Whether you are a family suffering from the loss of a loved one; a family facing eviction; a mother seeking custody of a child; a couple looking to adopt a new member of their family; someone who is facing criminal charges; or someone in their later stages of life who needs to draft a will, the Legal Aid Commission is there to support the Fijian people. Our legal aid officers are a capable and comforting voice of legal expertise, provided free of charge, as well as a source of legal representation for families who qualify for assistance. The provision of these services is not charity, it is a realisation of the constitutional right of every Fijian; the right of equal access to justice.
Sports has always been an important and integral part of our life in Fiji. In the past decade or so, the challenge has been for Government working through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Sports Commission and all Fiji’s national sports organisations, to take it the next level.  
Owners of Agricultural resources, land, labour, machinery and transportation must see they receive a fair share of returns if we want this sector to be stable and expand. They must be given opportunity to participate in the growth and expansion process. Not only they will benefit, they will also have a better understanding of the transformation process. 
We have come to recognize that the answer to the current littering problem requires a coordinated effort amongst all relevant stakeholders.
To our athletes I would like to congratulate you for your perseverance and hard work in being selected into our National Team. Well done! Your hard work and sacrifices have no doubt paid off in the fulfillment of your dreams in “making the cut” as a Person with Determination who will be representing our beloved nation in the Special Olympic World Summer Games. In fact, it is an ideal and rewarding opportunity of a life time and you should be very satisfied and equally proud of such an achievement. 
Guided and united by the promise of our Constitution, today, our nation and our citizens, stand among the most profound examples in the world of the power of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to inspire and motivate people across borders, across oceans and across societies. We’ve been placed on fast-track trajectory in ratifying the “Big Nine” Human Rights conventions, already ratifying seven of the conventions, with plans to complete the ratification of the remaining two this year.
In our endeavors to meet the obligations under the Montreal Protocol, Fiji has developed regulations, namely Ozone Depleting Substances Act 1998 and ODS Regulations 2010, to assist us phase-out and manage ozone-depleting substances. Furthermore, appropriate measures are put in place to monitor and control any importation of ODSs in the country.
Through the leadership of the Prime Minister, our economy has achieved ten consecutive years of unprecedented growth.  We will continue to put in place enabling and sustainable policies and frameworks to build a modern, resilient and dynamic infrastructure.
These programs are set to usher in new outcomes as these programs are multi-pronged and will have long-lasting impacts on the sector and contribute more effectively towards the Ministry’s priorities.
The long term sustainable strategy for agriculture is to let demand derive production and supply. For so long, we were, silently supporting the ideology that supply will create its own demand. So we were incentivizing the farmers, giving them grants and subsidies and they continued to produce and supply. It retained retirees, leisure and part time farmers in the sector.
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