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This is the kind of project that my Government is undertaking all throughout Fiji –– we’ve erected crossings and bridges far and wide, knowing the value that they serve in transforming entire communities and uplifting the families, who cross them. Because when it comes to measuring real human impact, the immediate benefits to a community are rarely so clear as they are with the construction of a new connection like this one.  
Fiji is no stranger to the numerous challenges and controversies associated with our own migrant worker issues particularly in the fruit picking industry which was established as the Recognized Seasonal Employer Scheme with the Australian and New Zealand Governments. 
This visit by the Honourable Prime Minister carries significant importance for our country in the field of sports and other areas of mutual interest. Our relationship with Australia has been strong and of a long standing when it comes to sports.
Your new engagement with the Pacific is absolutely a step in the right direction. And, as Prime Minister, your presence here sends a clear message that you take our partnership extremely seriously. You’re setting a new precedent and a new expectation for this relationship by adding your own personal touch, and the leadership you’ve shown will hold benefits for Fijians and Australians for years to come.
Any dream - big or small - begins with education. And I've always believed that funding our children's education is the single best investment a Government can make. That is why I'm proud that this year is a billion-dollar year for our education system, as our last national budget saw education become the first sector to ever receive an over one-billion-dollar allocation.  
The first of January marks the start of the next chapter of our history. That chapter is waiting to be written, and it will take all of us - every member of our Fijian family - to fill its' pages with even greater Fijian achievement. Only together - only as a united nation- can we make 2019 another year of historic proportions.
This Christmas, I ask that we honour the life and legacy of Dr Luveni by striving to love each other in the same manner that Christ loves us all; love your families, love your friends, love your neighbours, love your countrymen and women, and demonstrate that love with action: give your time and charity to spread love to those who need it most, especially those who are most vulnerable in our society. I too ask that all Fijians join me and my family in prayer for Dr Luveni's family during this incredibly difficult time.
I call on all Fijians to focus on the journey ahead and especially to help Fiji grow into one of the most progressive and successful democracies in the world. I ask that we focus on continuing to build our Nation’s economic growth and to ensure that our economic gains are felt and appreciated by all Fijians, without exception. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that this the new era not only for Beef and Dairy but for Fiji’s livestock industry. That is why we are gathered here today to celebrate this success, raise awareness, share information on the changing landscape for livestock and identify further opportunities available for Fiji’s cattle industry.
Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the University of the South Pacific has done extremely well in the past 50 years. It has taught more than 60 thousand persons from within the Pacific region and beyond. These personnel are now proud achievers and members of the USP alumni. Many of our Pacific leaders and Senior executives of Governments and private corporate entities studied at the USP and contributed immensely to the socio-political and economical development of their respective countries. Many more, who we can consider as unsung heroes, also studied at USP and were very involved and most effective in improving the education agenda and programmes of their communities and overall national developments. 
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