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Media Center > Speeches > HON. PM BAINIMARAMA'S NEW YEAR'S MESSAGE 2019


 My fellow Fijians, Bula Vinaka and a very Happy New Year to you all.

We can all be proud of what we achieved - together - in 2018, and be excited for the blessings the New Year will bring.

I spent the first part of this month in Poland, where, after many intense months of effort and a momentous year of achievement, we successfully wrapped up our Presidency of COP23 by handing over the reins of leadership to the Polish Government at COP24.

I'd like to thank all those around the world for their high words of praise for Fiji's leadership. But the job isn't anywhere near over. We've seen firsthand the worsening floods, cyclones and droughts, so we know climate change is already upon us, and it's getting worse every year. And I assure everyone that Fiji will remain on the frontlines of this global campaign. That is the level of commitment we owe our future generations.

Leading the world on such an important campaign ranks among the greatest achievements in our history; but I am just as proud of what we've achieved here at home, in Fiji, in 2018.

Let me again thank all of our supporters for carrying us to another victory in our past general elections. And, even if we did not win your support, I thank all of those who performed their civic duty by voting. No matter who you are, no matter where you are from and certainly no matter who you voted for, I will give you every ounce of my effort and commitment as your Prime Minister. I will work for you and I will work with you to take our nation forward.

Friends, we had a lot of big highlights this year, but I'll give you all a quick snapshot:

We grew our economy for the ninth straight year; the longest uninterrupted stretch of growth ever.

We passed a bold and unprecedented national budget. Designed, in every way, to benefit Fijian families across the country.

We introduced Walesi, along with new free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country, making 2018 the year that Fiji truly broke into the connectivity of the 21st century.

We came together as one resilient family to bounce back from the devastating floods caused by Tropical Cyclones Gita, Josie and Keni, and today, we stand stronger than ever.

We brought electricity, new roads, bridges, more advanced medical care, and government services to a record number of Fijians.

We did it for you, and we did it for the future of Fiji.

All of that progress has continued to realise our grand vision for what we - as Fijians - can achieve. Every victory we celebrate is another step forward in the steady and unrelenting march that is transforming Fiji into the confident, dynamic and respected nation we have always been destined to become.

The first of January marks the start of the next chapter of our history. That chapter is waiting to be written, and it will take all of us - every member of our Fijian family - to fill its' pages with even greater Fijian achievement. Only together - only as a united nation- can we make 2019 another year of historic proportions.

I wish all Fijians a blessed, safe and very happy New Year.

Vinaka vakalevu, friends. Thank you.

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