The impact of COVID 19 and its restrictions during the recent outbreak in the country has not downgraded the impetus of government’s role to assist rural Fijian.

Minister for Minister for Waterways, Environment and Agriculture Dr. Mahendra Reddy said that despite numerous challenges and restrictions, the protection of communities from the threat posed by nature such as flooding will not be undermined.

Dr. Reddy reassured that drainage and de-silting work will continue in the areas of interest with full COVID-19 precautionary measures for the betterment of rural communities.

The minister further stated that despite the challenges facing the ministry, it continues to provide its services to rural Fijians, in particular through its drainage and flood protection programs.

In support of this, the Ministry of Waterways has completed the drainage and de-silting works at the Korovuto settlement in Nadi, allowing more than 400 people from Nadovi and Korovuto to benefit from the drainage and de-silting works.

The Advisory Counselor for the Korovuto and Nadovi settlement, Rakesh Kumar Singh said that drainage works had been completed.

He said whenever it rains, about 20 houses get badly affected, which has been a concern for the settlement in the past.
“The drainage problems in the Nadovi and Korovuto settlement led to flooding of about 40 houses. It also affected more than 20 farmers in the settlement when their farms were flooded,” said Mr. Kumar.

“Following completion of these drainage works, the community members will be protected from flooding and will be well prepared as we enter the rainy season,” he said.

In addition, Mr Kumar said that residents are satisfied and happy with the work done by the Ministry of Waterways despite the current restrictions imposed by COVID-19.