The Government Shipping Services vessel, MLC Vunilagi is currently distributing pending building rehabilitation materials for homes destroyed by cyclone Thomas in 2012 to communities in the maritime islands in the North and in villages in Udu Point in the district of Namuka.

Seven lots of timber and building materials were loaded onto the MLC Vunilagi at the Malau Wharf near Labasa on Monday.

Macuata district officer Ropate Rakadi said the opportunity to use the the government vessel for a trip to remote islands in the North has enabled the distribution of cyclone rehab building materials.

“The seven lots of building materials cost $15,000 each and is being distributed by engineers of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) and the crew of MLC Vunilagi,” Mr Rakadi said.

He said that the majority of building materials will be off-loaded in the villages of the Udu Point peninsula.

“It is a huge relief for those who have been waiting for so long to receive their rehab housing assistance and without the MLC Vunilagi this could not have happened,” Mr Rakadi said.