National ID card


A proposal for the implementation of a compulsory National Identity Card was made to the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama at a meeting in Nadi yesterday.

Officials from the Ministry of Defence and National Security reported that the card would contain critical personal information of an individual and could be used for identification on occasions like for Land Transport Authority purposes, education enrolment, voter identification and Fiji National Provident Fund service requirements.

The card, which is to be issued by the ministry, will enhance passenger profiling clearance, detection of illicit activities’, assist in police investigations, and facilitate public service output

It will also be a primary form of national security.

Senior ministry official Mr Joji Washington told Commodore Bainimarama at a briefing held at the Airports Fiji Limited board room in Nadi that the national ID card would strengthen the work of law enforcement, immigration, customs, bio security, border police, AFL security, airline security, port security and outsourced security personnel.

“The prototype national ID will contain a micro chip containing personal bio data, picture, fingerprint, passport system, ID number, UID number machine, barcodes for tin and LTA watch list verification,” Mr Washington said.

It will not replace passports that are used for an entirely different purpose of gaining entry into other countries.