As announced by the Hon. Prime Minister, with over 80 percent of adults fully vaccinated, Fiji is now in its next phase of response.
From 11 November 2021, Clubs, Bars (within and outside of municipal markets), Taverns and Gaming Venues will safely re-open for business, in accordance with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport’s (Ministry) protocols. 
In order for these businesses to open, a ‘Permit to Operate’ will be required, for which applications can be done online via the COVID Pass Portal:
Applicants must submit all relevant documents, including agreed protocols, and employers and employees Vaccination Cards with consent by 30 November 2021.
The Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Faiyaz Koya stressed the importance of creating a safe environment for businesses to re-open in this pandemic. 
“At the end of the day, what we want and what we should strive towards is sustainability and resilience. How we invest in our workplaces and in our people today, will reflect on our development in years to come. We should always remember the duty of care we have to our customers, to Fijians.”
“There is a lot at stake. With borders opening soon, we’ll have thousands of visitors back in Fiji. These visitors aren’t only looking for safe hotels, but safe Fijian experiences from restaurants to retail,” said Minister  Koya.
While the Ministry has been given powers to enforce COVID Safe practices, through the Public Health Act, advocacy and awareness remains fundamental. If businesses continue to breach the protocols, then fines or prosecution procedures will be implemented.
The Ministry, together with the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission, has deployed COVID Safe Ambassadors. These Ambassadors closely observe and advise businesses on mandatory minimum parameters for safely operating businesses.
Given these businesses involve high customer interaction and close contact, these services are only available for eligible persons who are fully vaccinated. As such, businesses must also apply for the VAX-Check tool using the same portal used to apply for the careFIJI QR code, that is,  Businesses may use the same login credentials, enter the portal and apply for VAX-Check credentials.
Proper ventilation remains imperative in this pandemic. Businesses must maximise natural ventilation by opening windows, doors, and vents when conditions allow, or mechanical ventilation, using fans and ducts.
Businesses are strongly encouraged to identify any poorly ventilated spaces in the workplace and take measures to improve fresh air flow in these areas. Portable air cleaners with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are highly recommended for spaces with high occupancy or limited ventilation.