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The Directors of Digital Transformation will work with the overseas consultants in the PMO to implement the DGT Programme. The Directors of Digital Transformation will be responsible for the management of multidisciplinary digital government projects and will facilitate the coordination of the DGT Programme across the Fijian Government.

The position will achieve its purpose through the following key responsibilities. Working with relevant staff and service providers, in accordance with legislative requirements:
1. Plan, direct, mobilise and prioritise resources within the Fijian Government to support the DGT Programme
2. Recommend the selection of solution providers, where necessary, to execute plans in accordance with the initiative of the DGT Programme
3. Ensure the planning and the financial management of the DGT programme initiatives are within the budget for the approved plans
4. Participate in the subcommittees under the DGT programme which are set up to help realise the Digital Strategy of Fiji
5. Provide regular update on the progress of the initiatives of the DGT programme
6. Stay abreast of the advancements in technology innovation in the info-communication and media industry.

Performance will be measured through the following indicators:
1. Project delivery on time within resources
2. Customer support – turnaround within specified requirements
3. Service level – up time and performance within specified requirements
4. Security management – incident response and recovery within specified requirements.

Knowledge and Experience
1. Masters or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Systems or Business Management or related qualifications
2. 8 to 10 years practical experience working with Senior Management
3. Significant project management experience in the information technology and media industry is an added advantage
4. Prior experience driving a major technology change in an organisation.

Skills and Abilities
1. Demonstrated ongoing competency in the management of cross ministry initiatives that include multiple projects and sub-projects
2. Good understanding and knowledge of managing implementation of project management methodologies and familiarity with information and communications technology industry standards
3. Demonstrated written and oral communications skills
4. Strong problem-solving skills
5. Strong business acumen and financial management skills are an added advantage
6. Capacity to utilise computer programs to support daily operations
7. Service oriented approach, with a commitment to supporting the operational and corporate environment of the organisation.

Personal Character
Applicants for employment must be of good character, with a background that demonstrates their commitment to the civil service values contained in the Fijian Constitution. Applicants must also be Fijian Citizens, under age 55, in sound health, with a clear police record. The selected applicant will be required to provide a medical certificate and police clearance prior to taking up the duty.

The Ministry is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Applications are encouraged from all eligible, qualified applicants. All applicants must address the specific knowledge, experience, skills and abilities required for the job, as this criteria will be considered in assessing the relative suitability of applicants.

Closes on: Sunday 17th March,2019 at 11:59pm

Compensation: Salary Range: $67,830.20 - $86,961.80.

*Additional performance payments may be available for high performers, in accordance with the Public Service Commission guidelines

Contact: For further information or queries, please contact Evelyn Ram on evelyn.ram@economy.gov.fj

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