The position will achieve its purpose through the following:
1. Provide overall strategic leadership to the various Boards and Committees to develop Agriculture
in Fiji;
2. Provide technical advice to the Permanent Secretary relating to Agricultural development;
3. Provide visionary leadership and be proactive to the changing needs of the Agriculture Sector
Market in Fiji;
4. Develop and implement policies relating to relevant pieces of legislation identified as the
Legislative Framework;
5. Provide quality and timely policy advice on the various legislations to the Permanent Secretary;
6. Maintain, control and evaluate the relevant policies for continuous improvements;
7. Manage the regulatory legislation pieces that exist to guide Agriculture Development;
8. Ensure that the activities and programs that exist in Operations are compatible and consistent
with relevant national, regional and international Agricultural Trade standards;
9. Provide solutions to the effective expansion and implementation of programs that promote
excellence and productivity in Agriculture Development;
10. Promote a Corporate culture within the Operations Headquarters that will improve service
11. Direct the overall planning, organizing, leading and control of the Operational Team’s allocated
physical and financial resources entrusted to operationalize the achievement of both short and
long term Agricultural Development goals and objectives;
12. Oversee the provision of advisory services (on Crops, Livestock, Land Use Management, and
Research Development Strategies/Policies) to stakeholders in order to lift the contribution of the
Agriculture Sector to Gross Domestic Product (GDP); and
13. Actively contribute to all corporate requirements of the Ministry, including planning, budgeting,
performance management, discipline and selection activities where required.

Performance will be measured through the following indicators:
1. Display resilience with courage: raise critical issues & make tough decisions, articulate complex
concepts and put forward compelling arguments and rationales to all levels and types of
2. Act with integrity: champion and act as an advocate for the highest standards of ethical and
professional behaviour;
3. Influence & Negotiate: Engage in a range of approaches to generate solutions seeking expert
inputs and advise to inform negotiating strategy;
4. Plan & Prioritise: Direct the development of effective systems for the establishment, and
measurement of accountabilities and evaluate ongoing effectiveness. Drive a culture of
achievement and acknowledge others’ inputs.

A Post Graduate University qualification in Agriculture/Agriculture Economics, Economics,
Administration, Business (or equivalent work experience), the following Knowledge, Experience, Skills
and Abilities are required to successfully undertake this role:

Knowledge and Experience
1. At least 10 years’ experience at senior management level in a related primary industry field.
2. Strong and broad knowledge of Fiji’s agriculture sector (both at macro and micro levels),
Government’s vision and strategy for the agriculture industry that enables identification of practical
solutions to achieve sustained growth in the sector.
3. Understanding the work of other agriculture stakeholders, including farmers, non-government
actors and private sector, in order to create synergies for the development of the agriculture sector.
4. Knowledge of Fiji’s agricultural legislations, including recent developments and their implications
on the agriculture sector.
5. Experience in planning, formulating policies and preparing programme budgets.
6. Experienced to lead a large team of professionals by motivating and encouraging personal and
professional development.
7. Understanding of the Fijian Constitution (2013) and applicable laws of Fiji.

Skills and Abilities
1. Strong Management skills, including the ability to deliver outputs on a timely basis in the most
cost-efficient manner;
2. Able to conduct research and consultation to provide the best advice to the Permanent Secretary
on operational aspects of the Ministry, including its programmes;
3. Demonstrated vision and ability to plan medium to long-term programmes;
4. Ability to represent the Ministry confidently at high-level forums;
5. Ability to work under pressure, often managing multiple outputs and tight deadlines.
6. Able to manage and inspire people and deal with non-performance in an effective and prompt
7. Conduct himself/herself in a manner that is inspirational to staff and does not bring disrepute to
the Ministry; capacity to utilize computer skills to support the operations of complex organization;
8. Service oriented approach, with a commitment to supporting the operational / corporate
environment of the organization.

Personal Character and Eligibility
Applicants must be a Fijian Citizens, under the age of 55, in sound health with a clear police record.
The successful applicant will be required to provide a medical certificate and police clearance as prerequisite
condition of employment.

The Ministry of Agriculture is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Applications are
encouraged from all eligible, qualified applicants. Only the specific knowledge, experience, skills

Closes on: Monday 18th November, 2019 @ 4:30pm
Compensation: Civil Service Band: M (FJ$74,710.90 -$95,783.20)
Contact: Applications should be sent to leadershiprecruitment@govnet.gov.fj

For further information about the position, please contact Geeta Devi (Ministry of Agriculture Recruitment) geeta.devi@agriculture.gov.fj
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