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MEHA 24/2019 - Senior HR Manager

The position will achieve its purpose through the following key duties. Working with relevant management and staff, in accordance with Guidelines, policies and legislative requirements, meeting the operational needs of the MEHA:

1. In conjunction with the Head – HR, coordinate HR operations, staff of the HR Department and resources to ensure that key deadlines are met and services meet client needs;
2. Develop and implement a programme of client service improvement for the HR Department including developing performance measures and a baseline of client service and a plan to address client service issues;
3. Coordinate the HR management team to ensure that work flows consistently between teams and coordinate staff management to meet peaks in HR operations;
4. Work with HR units to ensure all teams have an updated procedures manual defining work processes;
5. Establish a quality control programme for the HR Department to address quality issues regarding all HR functions and specifically addressing employment contracts, recruitment and selection, employee administration, client service and information systems;
6. Manage the transition process to the Whole of Government HRM Information System, addressing data quality issues and ensure that the administration of employee entitlements complies with legislation and government policy and is within approved budget;
7. Ensure all human resources are planned for, budgeted, recruited and managed in accordance with policy and legislative requirements.

Performance will be measured through the following indicators:
1. Performance measures for client service and HR operations are established and improvement demonstrated from baseline;
2. HR staff and resources are effectively coordinated to meet work needs and a reduction in additional costs such as overtime;
3. Quality control programme implemented for the HR Department demonstrates improvements in HR service delivery.


In addition to a Bachelor in Management, Business Administration, Public Administration or another relevant field or equivalent relevant experience, the Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Abilities required to successfully undertake this role are:
Knowledge and Experience
1. At least 5 years’ experience leading a HR team in a complex organisation with responsibility for delivering quality client service;
2. Experience in project management and planning, implementing, monitoring and reporting operational improvement projects;
3. Experience in managing process change, addressing resistance to change and ensuring new processes are effectively embedded;
4. Understanding of the Fijian Constitution (2013) and applicable labour laws of Fiji;
5. Understanding of teams and how to build and maintain high performing teams.

1. Demonstrated ability to establish a high-performing team responsible for delivering timely, quality client services and addressing issues in team functioning which undermine service delivery;
2. Ability to lead a team and to implement effective time management strategies to coordinate a large workload across multiple concurrent and interdependent activities with the ability to deliver within tight timeframes;
3. Strong communication and problem solving skills, exceptional attention to detail and the ability to use innovation to find solutions to long-standing problems in operational management;
4. Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality and neutrality, in a sensitive environment;
5. Capacity to utilise computer programs to support the operations of complex organisation;
6. Service oriented approach, with a commitment to supporting the operational / corporate environment of the organisation.


All applicants for employment must be Fijian Citizens, under age 55, with personal character and background that demonstrate a commitment to the Public Service Values and Code of Conduct. Appointments offers will be subject to confirmation of a clear police record.

Closes on:  Wednesday 27th February 2019 at 4pm.
Compensation: BAND L: $67,830.20 (Step 1) to $86,961.80 (Step 4)
Contact: Please submit your completed application to MEHAjobapplications@gmail.com by 4pm on Wednesday 27 February 2019
Attachment: Download document

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