The Digital Government Transformation Office invites applications from suitably qualified, experienced and eligible candidates for the DevOps Engineer position.

This position is responsible for providing an effective and efficient corporate environment through proper planning, managing and monitoring, by adopting the best management practices, in accordance with legislative and policy requirements.

1. Salary Band: I 
2. Salary: $43,296.63 
3. Duty Station: Suva 
4. Duration: 3 years 
5. Reporting Responsibilities: 
      a) Reports To: Director Digital Government Transformation 
      b) Liaises with: Department’s Staff, Stakeholder and other Government Ministries/ Departments. 
      c) Subordinates: None 

The DevOps Engineer will be responsible for installing, upgrading and monitoring the Government applications developed by the Digital Government Transformation Office under the Fijian Government’s Digital Government Transformation (DGT) programme. This position will be responsible to participate in the processes of strategic project-planning, developing and building Government IT solutions, deploy updates and apply fixes and perform routine application maintenance. 

The position will achieve its purpose through the following: 
1. Ensuring overall system and server uptime, availability, reliability and security. 
2. Ensuring updated, accurate and reliable backups of Government applications and databases. 
3. Building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure according to industry standards and internationally recognised security principles. 
4. Understanding needs of the stakeholders and liaise with the development team to successfully execute projects. 
5. Provide solutions to automate and improve development and software release processes of the applications and systems. 
6. Testing and examining code written by the Development/Software Engineers and analysing results of production environments. Monitor server performance, application insights and ensure reports are generated periodically for review. 
7. Ensuring that the Government systems and infrastructure are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats by identifying and deploying cybersecurity measures by continuously performing vulnerability assessment and risk management. 
8. Actively contribute to all corporate requirements of the Ministry, including planning, budgeting and human resource activities when required. 

Performance will be measured through the following indicators: 
1. High availability and uptime of the Government applications and servers. 
2. High level of security standards is maintained of Government systems and infrastructure. 
3. Software upgrades and patches are executed in a timely manner. 
4. Ensure that individual work plans are confirmed to and assigned tasks are completed within agreed timelines. 

Knowledge and Experience 
1. Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science.
2. Relevant industry related certifications. 
3. At least 3 years practical working experience in the field of Systems Administration, Software Development and Information Security. 
4. Proven experience in implementing, monitoring and maintaining server solutions, including major services related to Compute, Storage, Network and Security 
5. Strong knowledge of Backup, Restore, Recovery and high availability strategies for applications and database servers. 
6. Knowledge of Business Process Re-engineering and Database Management will be an added advantage. 
7. Understanding on how to maintain effective working relationships. 
8. Experience in troubleshooting and resolving server environment performance issues, connectivity issues, security issues, etc. 
9. Advanced knowledge of DNS, DHCP, Kerberos, Windows Authentication, Network and TCP/IP routing/subnetting. 

Skills and Abilities
1.    Windows Server and SQL database creation, configuration, upgrade, migration and patching.
2.    Understanding of VPN connectivity and client troubleshooting.
3.    Excellent PowerShell skills.
4.    Ability to interpret user specifications, document user needs and deliver appropriate solutions to meet user needs.
5.    Service oriented approach with a commitment to supporting the operational and corporate environment of the organisation.
6.    Team player with effective time management skills.
7.    Good written and oral skills; and be able to express complex ideas clearly and succinctly. 
8.    Understanding of information security and infrastructure management. 

Personal Character and Eligibility
Applicants for employment in the Ministry of Communications must be Fijian Citizens, below the age of 55, be of sound health, with a clear police record. The successful applicant will be required to provide a medical certificate and police clearance as a condition of employment. 

The Ministry of Communications is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Applications are encouraged from all eligible and qualified applicants. Applicants highly assessed as having specific knowledge, experience, skills and abilities required for the job will be considered.

Please refer to the attached role description for details of the interested position.
•    Eligibility criteria for all applicants
•    Information on what to submit as your application
•    Information on how to submit your application, and how receipt of your application will be confirmed
•    Key Dates for the application and selection process
•    An application form for completion by all applicants
•    A Declaration and Authorisation form for completion by all applicants
•    Role Description 

Fijian Civil Servants are required to uphold the Civil Service Values and Code of Conduct. These values set out the behaviour expected of all Fijian Civil Servants in the work that they do.

Eligibility Criteria
All applicants for employment in the Ministry of Communications must meet the following criteria:
•    Must be a Fijian Citizen.
•    Under the age 55
•    Must have a clear police record (any offer of employment will be subject to confirmation of a clear police record, payment for the police clearance is the responsibility of the applicant, this cost is not reimbursable);
•    Be in good health and able to undertake the requirements of the position (an offer of employment may be subject to a medical clearance).

How to apply and what to submit with your application?
We strongly recommend that you refer to the role description at the end of this Application Package. This document sets out the level of duties, the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the job.  Your CV should illustrate your past experience that relates to the position you are applying for.

To ensure that your application is given due consideration, we request that you submit the following to  
•    Your completed application form; (below)
•    Your Declaration and Authorisation form; (below)
•    A full curriculum vitae, highlighting your past experience that is relevant to the role/s you are applying for. Please keep your CV to no more than 3 pages in length.

We do not require written referee reports, or qualifications to be submitted with your application at this stage. These will be verified as required later in the process. 

Alternatively, you can hand deliver your completed application at Ground Floor, New Wing, Government Buildings, Suva.
Receipt of applications All applications will be acknowledged on receipt.  
Short listing Your application and CV will be reviewed to confirm relevant Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Abilities, including qualifications, for your nominated position/s
Assessment Job tests and interviews may be conducted to further determine relative merit
Referees At least 3 nominated referees will be contacted.  Please ensure you have asked your referees and they are able to respond in a timely manner.  Further referee checks may also be conducted
Order of Merit Appointments will be based on order of merit.

You will be advised if you meet the benchmarks (minimum requirements) and are therefore included on the order of merit.

Inclusion on the order of merit means that you may be offered employment as vacancies arise – please ensure you keep your contact details up to date
Feedback If you do not meet the benchmarks (minimum requirements) you will be offered the option of further feedback to assist you with future applications.
Offers Offers will be made through the approval of the Acting Permanent Secretary with agreement from the Hon Minister.

For further information on the recruitment policy, please download the Fijian Civil Service Open Merit and Recruitment Guideline from the Fijian Public Service Commission website at

Closes on: Monday 22 August 2022 @ 3:00pm FJST
Contact: For further information on the process please contact 9926555 or on email
Attachment: Download document