The purpose of this position is to assist in providing technical and support services to the department and assisting the Senior Engineer in developing policies, overseeing compliance and to facilitate the development of services in the Communications Sector.


1.    Salary Band  :    F
2.    Salary Range:    $22, 528.74 to $26,283.53 [Step 1-3]
3.    Duty Station:      Ground Floor, New Wing, Government Buildings
4.    Reporting Responsibilities:
       a) Reports To:    Principal Engineer (Communications)
       b) Liaises with:    Department’s Staff, Stakeholders and other Government Ministries/Departments.
       c) Subordinates:  Nil

The post is to assist in providing technical and support services to the department and assisting the Principal Engineer in developing policies, overseeing compliance and to facilitate the development of services in the Communications Sector.

The position will achieve its purpose through the following:
1.    Examining impact of policy and regulatory changes on the Communications sector;
2.    Gather critical data and conduct trend analysis of industry related statistics;
3.    Assist in the monitoring and implementation of the Department’s Budget;
4.    Assist in the formulation and development of policy papers pertaining to the Communications sector;
5.    Provide technical input into presentations, ministerial statements, parliamentary responses, press release and speaking notes;
6.    Represent the Department at various meetings when required and where necessary support monitoring in the economic, general administration or social sectors of the Department’s budget;
7.    Any other duties assigned by the Acting Permanent Secretary.

Performance will be measured through the following indicators: 
1.    Draft relevant policies required by the Department and ensure compliance of those policies;
2.    Formulation of budget within the required timeframe and monitoring the utilisation of the budget;
3.    Compilation of research reports, surveys, case studies, cabinet papers, articles, briefs, ministerial statements, parliamentary responses, press releases, speaking notes and other materials required by the Department on a timely manner;
4.    Attend stakeholder meetings and ensuring all minutes of the meetings and action items are prepared in a timely manner.  

In addition to a Degree in Economics/Finance/Accounting/Commerce from a recognised institution the following knowledge, experience, skills and abilities are required to successfully undertake this role: 

Knowledge and Experience
1.    At least 3-4 years of relevant work experience in policy planning, budget 
preparation and implementation of policies in any public sector or corporate organization; 
2.    Understanding of Fijian Constitution (2013) and applicable laws of Fiji;
3.    Practical, working knowledge in all aspects of communication i.e. technical/policy related and technology.

Skills and Abilities
1.    Ability to achieve results personally and through effective team leadership;
2.    Demonstrated ability to lead, plan and organise activities, projects and work cooperatively within a team environment;
3.    Sound communication, interpersonal and representational skills;
4.    Ability to follow guidelines and appropriately apply processes, write concise minutes, reports and maintain confidentiality;
5.    Service oriented approach with a commitment to supporting the operational and corporate environment of the organisation and must be available to work in the evenings, weekends and holidays (if required).

Personal Character and Eligibility    

Applicants for employment in the Ministry of Communications must be Fijian Citizens, below the age of 55, be of sound health, fully vaccinated with a clear police record.  The successful applicant will be required to provide a medical certificate and police clearance as a condition of employment.


The Ministry of Communications is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Applicants are encouraged from all eligible and qualified applicants.  Applicants highly assessed as having specific knowledge, experience, skills and abilities required for the job will be considered. 

Please refer to the attached role description for details of the interested position.
•    Eligibility criteria for all applicants
•    Information on what to submit as your application
•    Information on how to submit your application, and how receipt of your application will be confirmed
•    Key Dates for the application and selection process
•    An application form for completion by all applicants
•    A Declaration and Authorisation form for completion by all applicants
•    Role Description 

Fijian Civil Servants are required to uphold the Civil Service Values and Code of Conduct. These values set out the behaviour expected of all Fijian Civil Servants in the work that they do.

Eligibility Criteria
•    Must be a Fijian Citizen.
•    Must have a clear police record (Employment shall be subject to confirmation of a clear police record).
•    Be in good health and able to undertake the requirements of the position (Employment shall be subject to a medical clearance).
•    Must be fully vaccinated.

How to apply and what to submit with your application?
We strongly recommend that you refer to the role description at the end of this Application Package. This document sets out the level of duties, the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the job.  Your CV should illustrate your past experience that relates to the position you are applying for.

To ensure that your application is given due consideration, we request that you submit the following to   
•    Your completed application form; (below)
•    Your Declaration and Authorisation form; (below)
•    A full curriculum vitae, highlighting your past experience that is relevant to the role/s you are applying for.

Please keep your CV to no more than 3 pages in length.

We do not require written referee reports, or qualifications to be submitted with your application at this stage. These will be verified as required later in the process. 

Alternatively, you can hand deliver your completed application at Ground Floor, New Wing, Government Buildings, Suva.

Receipt of applications All applications will be acknowledged on receipt.  
Short listing Your application and CV will be reviewed to confirm relevant Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Abilities, including qualifications, for your nominated position/s
Assessment Job tests and interviews may be conducted to further determine relative merit
Referees At least 3 nominated referees will be contacted.  Please ensure you have asked your referees and they are able to respond in a timely manner.  Further referee checks may also be conducted
Order of Merit Appointments will be based on order of merit.

You will be advised if you meet the benchmarks (minimum requirements) and are therefore included on the order of merit.

Inclusion on the order of merit means that you may be offered employment as vacancies arise – please ensure you keep your contact details up to date
Feedback If you do not meet the benchmarks (minimum requirements) you will be offered the option of further feedback to assist you with future applications.
Offers Offers will be made through the approval of the Acting Permanent Secretary with agreement from the Hon Minister.

For further information on the recruitment policy, please download the Fijian Civil Service Open Merit and Recruitment Guideline from the Fijian Public Service Commission website at

Closes on: Wednesday 28 September 2022 @3:00pm FJST
Contact: For further information on the process please contact 3301806 or on email 
Attachment: Download document