Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations

Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations

Hon. Jone Usamate
Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations


Decent and Productive Work for All

This vision captures the desire of all workers to be accorded the fundamental social justice principles and rights at work consistent with ILO Conventions. 'Decent' means a decent wage, decent conditions, decent work environment that promotes dignity in the workplace for all types of work. It includes the non-discrimination of workers through EEO principles. 'Productive' means to work with available resource effectively and efficiently in a sustainable manner. It is the ideal employment condition for workers and employers to achieve through dialogue, in a spirit of mutual respect, trust and good faith, including job creation.


Consistent with the Fiji Constitution, National Productivity Charter and international standards, the Ministry seeks to provide:

- An enabling social justice environment that promotes stable employment relations and promote equitable social-economic development,

- The ehancement of productivity in all workplaces,

- Innovative labour market policies,

- Safe and healthy work environment,

- Equal employment opportunities and dignity for all,

- Decent employment terms and conditions,

- Speedy resolution of employment problems through the Mediation Service, Employment Relations Tribunal and Employment Relations Court,

- Decent and progressive social security policies for all,

- Institutional strengthening for job creation, and

- Empowerment and multi-skilling of our staff through high performance change management teams.

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