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Portion of Kavanagasau/Rarawai tramline closed

In a statement today , The Chief Executive Officer Mr Deo Saran said that based on an application by the Corporation an Order has been issued by the Sugar Industry Tribunal to close a portion of the Kavanagasau/Rarawai tramline from Batiri point to Kavanagasau.

Batiri point is behind Navisabasaba village,at the boundary of Cuvu and Lomawai sectors, about 4.5 kilometres from the Intercontinental Hotel towards Nadi.

The Sugar Indusrty Tribunal has made the following order:

“ For the reason there has been a significant decline in the production of cane in the Cuvu and Olosara sectors and there being no evidence that the levels of production will be increased in the foreseeable future and there being no dispute cane from these areas are transportable by lorry to the Lautoka Mill:

The portion of the Kavanagasau Rarawai Railway tramline beyond Batiri point be close.
The registered mode of transportation of growers in the the Olosara and Cuvu Sectors presently designated as rail is converted to lorry mode of transportation (excepting cane growers in the Cuvu sector who deliver cane to Batiri point for transportation by rail).
Growers be paid a Lorry Transport Allowance as provided by Clause 11 of the Master Award.
The Registrar if the Tribunal do forthwith establish Lorry Transport Allowance pursuant to Clause 11 of the Master Award for all growers in Cuvu and Olsosara Sectors except for those who shall deliver cane to Batiri point for transportation by rail.
Relevant Certificate of Registration be altered to altered to reflect the change mode of transportation to lorry mode.”

The Tribunal also made the observation that the Sugar Industry Stakeholders and Government review the present harvesting and delivery system.

This Order by the Tribunal means that FSC will no longer be providing rail service past Batiri point.

However FSC through its officers in Cuvu and Olosara sector, will be working closely with the growers and providing all possible assistance to facilitate harvesting and delivery of their cane to Lautoka Mill.

All growers and gang sirdars in Olosara and Cuvu Sectors are urged to liaise with their respective sectors for guidance and assistance.

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