The Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts wishes to inform teachers, students and parents of the Term Dates for the 2021 Academic Year.
Teachers are required to commence work on the 18 January 2021 and prepare their classrooms and teaching materials for Term 1. All students are expected to start school on Tuesday 19 January 2021.

Hon. Minister Akbar says, “There are a lot of speculations on social media regarding the 2021 Term dates and we urge parents to refer to the Ministry’s website for correct information and listen to the media for updates. Those circulating incorrect information do not realize the panic they create especially at a time when we are working hard to ensure we keep our students and parents well informed of our decisions”.


We urge students and parents to contact the Ministry and seek immediate clarification on such matters. We encourage students to prepare themselves for the 2021 academic year and enjoy the remaining days of their school break to refresh and refocus on their academic goals.


The Ministry once again reminds parents and students in the TC Yasa affected areas, that they will be assisted with school bags and supplies this academic year. Parents are urged not to panic into buying school bags and stationery for their children. The Ministry will continue to assist students in affected areas needing support this year.