The Ministry of Agriculture is promoting farming as a business; as opposed to farming as a way of life as it is a highly specialized and skillful profession.
The Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and Environment Hon. Viam Pillay, in saying this, officiated as Chief Guest at the closing of the 2019 National Agriculture Show yesterday.
“The 2019 National Agriculture Show has greatly helped us to build bridges towards one another; better understand each other and more importantly to strengthen our partnership for nation building,” Assistant Minister Pillay said.
Assistant Minister Pillay also said that agriculture development is a complex activity that calls for continuing research and development to ensure that one keeps abreast of new techniques for better agricultural production and productivity.
“Modern farmers need proper training, technologies and assistance to appropriately develop the sector, “he said.
“Running a farm as a business requires farmers to be commercial minded and now it is a rewarding career.”
He added that he believes the visitations from members of the public has provided the much needed awareness, information and insight about what agriculture is and its importance  in terms of social, cultural and economic development.
The show was a two-day event from 4th-5th July.