The Commissioner for the Western Division Joeli Cawaki recently stressed the importance of making education accessible for women in the country especially for young girls.

At the recent Food and Craft Fair held in Nadi, Commissioner Cawaki said that there needs to be equal opportunities provided by boys and girls in the country and education should be part of this process.

Organised by the Ministry of Women, this national event showcased the various handicrafts and income generating skills of more than 200 women, some coming from as far as Cakaudrove, Macuata province, Rabi and Rotuma to celebrate the 2013 Rural Women’s Day.

During the official closing on Friday evening, Commander Cawaki said the key theme for this celebration relates well to the rural women and their development.

“The national theme ‘claim your right to dignity and education’ is very important and valuable. I would like to emphasize on the aspect of Education tonight, which is a basic right of every human being including rural women. Education is viewed as the most powerful tool in achieving peace, prosperity and progress.

“We in Fiji are fortunate that our children have been given equal rights and opportunities to attain an education. Therefore, I encourage you to make the best of this opportunity. Educate your children, especially the girl child,” Commander Cawaki said.

He said right to education of women especially rural girls continues to be a battle in many parts of the world.

“Education is not only about literacy but, it is about gaining knowledge that impacts one’s life positively. You will know of countless examples of families who have walked out of poverty when their children received quality education which enabled them to get good paying jobs and how some people have peacefully advocated their rights without wars but through dialogue,” Commander Cawaki said.