The role of civil servants in carrying out the necessary work for providing welfare assistance was commended today by the Minister for Social Welfare Dr Jiko Luveni.

In a message to her Ministry staff as they prepare for next year’s corporate plan, the Minister reminded them on Government’s position towards assisting Fijians who are at a disadvantaged position.

“As your Minister, I expect the best from you all and this calls for professional upskilling, refresher skills development, robust coaching and mentoring, and closer performance based assessments. M & E should be an integral part of all programs,” she told staff of the ministry who came from all over the country to attend the conference.

She encouraged them to propose innovative ways that can stimulate employment opportunities for those on welfare assistance; a program that is seeing positive results with current welfare beneficiaries.

“Impact assessment should be implemented for key social welfare programs and even for the income generating projects. The shift now is in performance based work and results.”
She urged the staff that their attitude should be towards providing the best service to the people.

“Your work attitudes must be that ready to serve the people with trust, respect, and accountability and with dignity. Better to this is to serve with the goodness of your hearts,” Dr Luveni said.
“All efforts must be shown for the identification of gaps in delivery and smart strategies devised to solve them.

In 2014, she said she wanted to see “the Ministry reaching to the people with greater efficiency and coverage”.

Dr Luveni added that in a people-driven government, one is expected to excel no lower than the expected and changed mindset so that results are convincingly demonstrated.