Equal education opportunities for women and girls


Students of Dilkusha Girls (Primary) School have been reminded of Government’s commitment in providing equal education and employment opportunities for women and girls.

This was emphasized by the Ministry of Information, National Archives and Library Services of Fiji permanent secretary Sharon Smith-Johns who was chief guest at the school’s annual prize giving function today.

Ms Smith-Johns said some of the greatest leaders in this country are women and there are no barriers when it comes to providing equal opportunities for young girls.

“We continue to see a growth in female leadership in all sectors of our nation. Don’t let anyone tell you that because you’re a girl, you can’t do much. You can do anything,” Ms Smith-Johns said.

Ms Smith-Johns commended the school for its dedication in pursuing excellence in education while creating an inclusive and equal environment for all.

“This is how Government wants to build our Fiji – a country where everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from are treated equally. It is encouraging to see that schools like Dilkusha are contributing to this vision,” Ms Smith- Johns said.

“I must commend the school for its plan to have 80 per cent of the schools population achieve Advance Level in all their classroom based assessments. I believe this achievement will provide students a solid platform for higher-level education in life.”

Ms Smith-Johns encouraged the 886 students of the school, to work hard and be focused on achieving their goals in life.

“We know that education can open doors and opportunities for many of us. Being determined and committed is the only way you can achieve success,” Ms Smith-Johns said.