A delegation consisting of 9 officials from the Fijian Government have left for Singapore as a part of a study visit/exchange programme with the Singapore Cooperation Programme (SCP) organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.

The objectives of the Fiji Civil Service Study Visit to Singapore are:
  • To understand the relationship between the political establishment and the civil service in the areas of policy formulation and implementation;
  • To understand the place of research and analysis in planning and policy formulation;
  • To familiarise the basis for policy coherence and delivery and the coordination mechanism with the Singapore Service;
  • To learn about the best practices in Singapore in promotion of efficiencies and productivity in the public sector;
  • To learn how public servants get incentivized for going the extra mile in service delivery and for retention of scarce skills; and
  • To help establish contacts and acquaintance for the necessary networking for further information sharing and idea for improved service delivery.
  • Singapore, as a country, has been providing technical assistance to other developing countries since the 1960’s and believes strongly that human resource development is vital for economic and social progress of a country. Through the Singapore Cooperation program, which was established in 1992, Singapore has thus been able to contribute to the development of other countries through sponsored training courses and study visits for over 75,000 officials from 170 countries.

The Fiji Civil Service Study Visit/Exchange Programme will be held from the 19th to the 21st of February, 2014 and will involve visits to Ministries with overview briefings as well as more detailed one-on-one discussions with Senior Officials.

These discussions will be held on focus areas such a public sector reforms, policy developments, effective public administrations and various management tools used in policy implementations.

The list of participants who will attend is as follows:
  • Permanent Secretary, PSC
  • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance
  • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Strategic Planning, National Development and Statistics
  • Deputy Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Director of Policy, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Acting Chief Economic Planning Officer, Ministry of Strategic Planning, National Development and Statistics
  • Chief Economic Planning Officer, Ministry of Finance
  • Principal Administrative Officer, PSC
  • Ambassador to Singapore