Attorney General and Minister for Finance Hon Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has welcomed the relaxation of requirements for FNPF members to receive natural disaster assistance as a positive step towards alleviating the urgent needs of affected Fijians.

“In the areas I’ve visited in the Western Division, these new requirements have brought a sense of relief as they make it much easier for FNPF members to recover quickly from this crisis,” he said.

Starting 2 March, 2016 to obtain FNPF’s $1,000 recovery package, members must sign a statutory declaration stating the member’s name, FNPF number and bank account details.

To obtain the $5,000 quick repairs housing assistance, statutory declarations must be accompanied by details of a title for the land/or lease, or membership in a land-owning unit. Withdrawals for assisting family member will also be accepted.

FNPF teams will now no longer inspect or visit villages/settlement or members’ houses to verify members’ residential addresses.

The $1000 assistance is also available to members regardless of the classification of their dwelling.

Any declaration of false information in the statutory declaration will attract criminal penalties.

All declarations will be made available at FNPF offices from 2 March, 2016.