In the quest for a harmonious society, the active participation of every individual is paramount, particularly in shaping the upbringing of our youth within a nurturing environment.
The welfare of our young citizens stands tall among the priorities of the Coalition Government.
A central focus lies in ensuring that our young citizens receive fair and equal treatment, embodying Government's unwavering commitment to an inclusive policy that transcends ethnicities, social backgrounds, and community statuses. This commitment embraces the rich tapestry of diverse cultures and religious beliefs within the nation, fostering a sense of unity and understanding.
To translate this commitment into tangible action, Government, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, has launched a series of initiatives designed to empower and enable the youth, equipping them with the skills necessary for self-sufficiency.
At the forefront of these efforts are the Ministry's Mobile and Specific Skills empowerment programs, meticulously crafted to bridge crucial gaps in support. These programs offer invaluable assistance to young individuals who may not have thrived within the formal education sector.
During the closing ceremony of the Fish Warden Training for 29 youths from Naidiri and Malomalo Village in Nadroga, Minister for Youth and Sports, Hon. Jese Saukuru, urged the participants to seize the available training opportunities with the Ministry. He emphasized these programs as beacons of hope, imparting essential skills and knowledge that prepare the youth for a sustainable future.
“These programs serve as a beacon of hope, equipping the youth with essential skills and knowledge that prepare them for a sustainable future,” said Hon Saukuru.
“Furthermore, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has strategically focused on nurturing youth and sports development. A key component of this approach is the establishment of a conducive policy environment providing robust support systems.”
Minister Saukuru highlighted the significance of these systems, not just for personal development but also for character building, a cornerstone of a harmonious society. Government's commitment extends even further to the implementation of sports policies and the facilitation of community-based youth-led programs that champion inclusivity, unity, and a profound sense of belonging.
“Moreover, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has strategically focused on fostering youth and sports development. Central to this approach is the creation of a conducive policy environment that provides robust support systems.”
Minister Saukuru also highlighted the collaborative effort between the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Fisheries, culminating in the training received by the youths in Naidiri.
The Minister envisioned that these trained individuals would become advocates for responsible fishing practices, encouraging compliance with both national laws and customary rules established by the Vanua.
“I urge you all to conduct awareness campaigns in your villages and settlements, foster a deep understanding of the need to manage local fisheries, and disseminate crucial information about relevant laws and best practices,” Hon Saukuru told the youths.
Additionally, Minister Saukuru emphasized the critical importance of environmental protection and highlighted the profound impact of climate change resulting from the mismanagement of our natural surroundings.
Recognizing that the well-being of our environment is intricately linked to the prosperity of our society, the Minister emphasized the need for responsible stewardship.
He said that in the face of climate change challenges, every Fijian must adopt sustainable practices, ensuring the preservation of our natural resources and the overall health of our planet.
“By acknowledging the direct correlation between environmental stability and the quality of life, I urge you all to engage in eco-friendly initiatives, advocating for the conservation of biodiversity, responsible waste management, and the promotion of renewable energy sources.”
In his address, the Minister highlighted that the youth, as the torchbearers of the future, play a pivotal role in driving environmental awareness and action. Encouraging them to take the lead in environmental conservation efforts, he stressed the significance of their involvement in initiatives that mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, ensuring a sustainable and harmonious future for generations to come.
“This focus on environmental protection aligns with Government's broader commitment to safeguarding the natural heritage of the nation. By fostering a sense of environmental responsibility among its citizens, Fiji continues to make strides toward creating a harmonious society that not only respects the diversity of its people but also cherishes and preserves the ecological richness of its land and seas,” said Hon Saukuru.
“By investing significantly in the youth, the Government not only secures a prosperous future for the nation but also nurtures an environment where mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation thrive.”
Empowered youth emerge as the architects of a harmonious society, celebrating diversity and ensuring every individual is accorded equal opportunities.