30 Million Trees In 15 Years


Nawaisomo villagers in Naitasiri will worry no more about the depleting pine trees as the Ministry of Forestry launched the 2020 - 4 million trees in 4 years initiative.
This is part of the Government’s 4 Million Trees in 4 Year’s programme - an initiative that was launched by the President Major General (Ret’d) Jioji Konrote in 2019.
Village chief   Ratu Waisea Drakusibale gave around 200 acres of land for tree planting saying that it would help the villages in so many ways in the future.
“We didn’t think that the initiative would come quickly and we are grateful to the Minister for bringing more trees for the area.”
“The main reason why we wanted the trees here was to keep the soil erosion from happening next to the river and protect our river banks to keep the river clean.”
Ratu Waisea added, “The pine trees were used to make houses and boats, to upgrade the villages with no financial cost, however with it being overused, at this moment the Pine trees are depleted.”
“Pine trees have lots of uses when matured and we are very thankful to Government for bringing more to us.”
Ratu Waisea pleaded for more trees so they can reach a point where the village can use these trees again at a sustainable rate.
Minister for Forestry, Osea Naiqamu said with this momentum, the Ministry aims to plant 30 million trees within the next 15 years.
“I am proud that we are planting trees in the Naitasiri area because not only will it be useful in the future, it will also help with the people’s everyday lives.”
Minister Naiqamu has also urged the villagers to take ownership of this important initiative of the Fijian Government.