400 Benefit From Access Road Repairs


More than 400 people benefited after the Government’s initiative to upgrade a 300 meter access-road at the village of Nayavu in Wainibuka, Tailevu.

Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Jale Sigarara, said he was really honoured to have been invited to open the new access road in Nayavu which cost $42,736.

“We hope and trust that the assistance given will bring good and prosperity to the village with what we have opened today,” the Asst. Minister Sigarara said.

“The access road will be able to assist you improve your everyday village life.”

He highlighted that the access road will benefit the villagers economically as well as it will be easier for farmers to take their crops to the markets to sell.

“Furthermore, it will help school children be able to improve and uplift their standard of studies, the children will be able to do better than previous years.” Nayavu villager, Mili Rokotuibau said that she was thankful to the Government for upgrading the access road.

“When we do our shopping we usually get off at the main road and we have to carry everything over, but now with the access road, it will be easier.” Ms Rokotuibau said now they can get off directly at their homes instead of having to walk. “We count ourselves lucky with this development.”

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Assistant Minister Sigarara said the project was aligned to the five and 20 Year National Development Plan and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The project involved the provision of concrete materials and equipment to upgrade the existing 300m access to an enhanced concrete road which would significantly improve accessibility to the village, primarily during wet weather and thereby eliminate the issue of dust emitted through the village and the Wainibuka District School.