Award Scheme Instils Leadership In Students


Fijian Government recognises that young people will take over key leadership positions in future and has made an unwavering commitment to their development in the country.

This was reiterated by the Minister Youth and Sports Parveen Kumar while presenting the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards to 447 youths in the western division recently.

In congratulating the students and youths for their achievement, Minister Kumar highlighted that the award is recognised in all the 130 countries and territories around the world.

“This is not just a prestigious and an internationally recognized award but the world’s leading youth achievement award available to all 14 to 24 year olds,” he said.

“I am quite proud of your achievements and firmly believe that you will all become responsible adults and move the Western side towards a positive and secure future, therefore, it is important that we continue to dedicate our efforts and support Government’s initiatives towards the nurturing of young people at all times.”

Year 12 student of Tilak High School, Natalie Marise who was presented with gold achievement award says she was overjoyed with the reward and believes that the program to be a challenge.

“We suffered a lot in the bad weather condition and climbing the mountains in the rain was tough and scary while in camp as it needed a lot of physical strength but we overcame it with great team work,” she said.

“I was selected for my good academic performance and I feel it is an honor to be part of this program which teaches a lot of perseverance and discipline and I urge all youths to take part in it.”

About 98 youths were presented with gold award, 153 with silver award and 196 with bronze award.