Beqa Island Students Recognised For Hard Work


“All students have the right to education, which is enshrined in our constitution.”

Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations & Youth and Sports, Parveen Kumar reminded the teachers and parents of students of Beqa-Yanuca Secondary School that it is vital to ensure that every child benefits the ‘right to education’.

Minister Kumar made this statement while officiating as the chief guest for the school’s prize giving ceremony in Raviravi, Beqa Island.

“To the teachers and the parents present here today, you are all not only educating our young people for their future endeavours, but also laying a very solid foundation for Fiji to have a vibrant youth sector in the years to come ahead.”

Together with the students receiving academic awards, 19 students were also recognized for their participation in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award program organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The program is aimed at developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills which eventually improves the academic performance of the students.

Through the program, the students are also equipped with abilities that provide them with a sense of leadership and responsibility.

“With the Ministry of Youth and Sports being the lead Ministry in non-formal education, programs such as the Duke of Edinburgh International Award is targeted at empowerment training in developing the young minds of our future leaders.”

Minister Kumar reminded the students of the importance of education and striving towards excellence in their future endeavors.

“I am of strong belief that you will all become responsible adults, and be role models for Fiji’s rural and maritime zones.”

“You all must continue to strive for excellence and you will be successful when you set your targets right. Winning with humility is a mark of our character.”

There are currently 109 students enrolled in Beqa-Yanuca Secondary School who are from villages in Beqa Island and other provinces in Fiji.