Bravery Medal Recipient Tells Of Monster Storm



On the night that Tropical Cyclone Winston struck Nasau village on Koro Island will be a night Sakaraia Koroi will never forget. Mr Koroi was one of three recipients of the Bravery Medal at the Investiture Ceremony held at the State House recently.

“I helped out in rescuing a family, which included the children and their mother, while their father was away in Suva.”

“I heard a voice called out from a far, “Uncle, rescue me”, I looked and I saw a small girl trapped in the strong waves.” Mr Koroi was surprised when he rescued girl out from the strong ocean current he heard another voice call out to him, there were another two children trapped not far from where he rescued the first child. He managed to not only save the three children but their mother as well who was not far from her children, while he was injured. As more waves kept coming, Mr Koroi noticed an old lady who was also trapped in the ocean currents. Mr Koroi said with the help of the children and their mother they managed to save the elderly lady and take her to higher grounds.

He thanked the lord saying, “If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been standing here right now”.

The President Major-General (Ret’d), Jioji Konrote said that the investiture ceremony was another testament of the Government’s commitment to ensure that the culture of appreciation and its recognition of individual’s selfless contributions to nation building continues to be acknowledged and justly rewarded.

“The Order of Fiji was instituted to appropriately acknowledge and reward those individuals who have, and continue to contribute significantly to Fiji’s development as a nation, in any field or endeavour.”

President Konrote said that this was an opportunity to celebrate the distinguished and eminent services, and the bravery of fellow Fijians, and of friends from abroad, for their selfless contributions to Fiji.