Call to Be Mindful of Other Road Users



The Fiji Motorcyclist Association (FMA) held a Remembrance Day commemoration event, at the Vodafone Arena for Motorcyclists who have lost their lives or have been injured.

The FMA has experienced the sorrow of seven fatalities and 10 serious life changing injuries.
Speaking at the event Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Faiyaz Koya said it is vital that Fijians be educated on how to use the road whether as pedestrian, as motorists, cyclists and passengers or generally a road user.

“I speak not only as the Minister responsible for transport but also as a founding member of the FMA. The Association has taken upon itself to ensure safety of all members.”

Minister Koya added that though motorcycles make a very small number on the roads, they have the same rights to access the roads, as other vehicles do. “At the same time the riders should be equally responsible as a driver when on the road,” he said.

“The five common causes of fatalities on our roads are speeding, drink drive, driver fatigue, pedestrian at fault and dangerous driving.”

Minister Koya said users of the road need to follow the basic rules, be mindful and alert of other users on the road.

FMA president Rodney Fong added to this saying that the Remembrance Day is for them to remind themselves and one another of just how crucial road safety awareness is especially from a motorcyclist perspective and for FMA to get together as one big family to remember the ones that they have lost.

“To show them and their love ones that although they are not with us, they remain in our hearts and we will never forget them.”

“We miss them,” Mr. Fong said.