Communities Work To Reduce Carbon Emissions


Communities have come together for the emissions reduction target to achieve a reduction of 2.5 million tons of carbon-dioxide over the next five years with the assistance of the Ministry for Forests.
Fiji Emalu REDD+ site community representative Ilaitia Leitabu said one of the best ways to create awareness within the community was to highlight how reforestation can benefit the village financially.
REDD+ is reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries. “Activities such as the nursery for trees built by the Ministry for Forests helps the villages to raise seedlings and prepare the plants for potting to be used for reforestation, brings income for the family,” Mr Leitabu said.
He said besides the family income that is generated the village aims to increase the forest cover towards the rivers and creeks. “When you plant trees or don’t cut them down, you will notice river waters are clean, but when you do soil starts to go into the river or creeks which makes it dirty.” “The villages around the area have to look out for how they farm, instead of clearing trees to make room for new agriculture plots there are already designated plots and land that is used for farming.” Ministry’s permanent secretary, Pene Baleinabuli, said the Ministry aims to plant at least a million trees every year for the next four years.
While speaking at the REDD+ Environmental Stewardship InterFaith Based Organization Leaders Awareness Forum at Pacific Regional Seminary in Suva, Mr Baleinabuli said part of the four millions trees plan was to get the communities involved and actively engage with them. “The Ministry of Forests wants to establish nurseries around the country where we will invite members of the community to look after them.” He said that the Ministry will build the nurseries and will also train the people to look after them. “When the seedlings are ready, the Ministry will purchase those seedlings which would become a form of economic activity,” he said.