Crossing Project Transforms Lives


“We no longer have to wait for weeks for flood waters to recede to access basic services. It is such a relief.” These were the words of Emuri Village headman Solomoni Naba on the completion of the Emuri Crossing Project.
The village is located in the Tuva District, seven kilometers from Sigatoka town. Mr Naba, 60, recalls how the villagers and their livestock faced numerous challenges because of frequent flooding because it was impossible to go to the other side.
“But this new crossing has completely transformed all our lives by reducing the burden of waiting for flood waters to recede, especially during emergencies such as getting the sick to the health centres. Now children can attend school and men and women are able to engage in their productive activities on a daily basis. This is a great joy for us.”
Mr Naba said the new crossing allows easy passage for livestock, vehicles, pedestrians and even private buses to cross safely, which was not possible before. FRA chief executive officer Jonathan Moore said their testimony provides them with further incentive to continue building resilient infrastructure that helps and supports the rural communities by improving access to basic services and facilities.
“We want all Fijians, especially women and children to be able to move safely and continue to help promote inclusive economic growth.” He said this was a commendable work completed by their contractor Fairdeal Earthmoving Contractors Ltd. Emuri Crossing was part of FRA’s Crossing Renewals Programme.
“The FRA has replaced five previously flood prone low-level crossings over the past 12 months with a new and more durable crossing that has already proven that it is less prone to flooding,” Mr Moore said.