Drugunalevu’s Hopes Come To Light


After close to 50 years, clean water has reached the villagers of Sawakasa in Tailevu and it is a development for the ages.
This was seeped by a thankful 73-year-old Tirisa Drugunalevu of Sawakasa Village who grew up witnessing her people rely on untreated water from wells to drink and carry out their household chores.
“Before water from the wells tasted salty as seawater sipped into our water source, however, we are thankful for this development as we can now easily carry out work such as drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning from the comfort of our homes,” Ms Drugunalevu said.
She said when she was a little girl she had always hoped that clean and safe drinking water reached her village.
“Now I see every house around Sawakasa Village having their own access to safe drinking water.”
She said that she was very thankful and glad that the village finally had access to safe drinking water.
Sawakasa Village Water Committee chairman Lepani Leka said this development was essential as the old water system could no longer cater for the growing population of the three villages, community and the school.
“Our old water system had been around since 1972 and we are truly thankful to the Government and the Water Authority of Fiji for investing their money, time and effort into this water project."
Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management and Meteorological Services, Jone Usamate commissioned the joint rural water scheme project at Sawakasa Village, in Tailevu.
“The Government will not rest on its laurels until every single household has access to safe clean drinking water.”
“The completion of the project costed Government $179,000, and is an investment that we are happy to make,” Minister Usamate said.
“Fiji through its 5 Year and 20 Year National Development Plan has set an ambitious target of having 100 per cent access to safe drinking water by 2030.
Minister Usamate said it is Government’s intent that no one is left behind and that every Fijian deserves to live with the security and happiness that only clean water can provide
“Currently 78 per cent of Fiji’s population have access to safe, clean water and the Government is optimistic that this target will be achieved as planned.”
The new water supply system is a joint scheme which benefits more than 800 Fijians in Sakawasa Village, Waivou Settlement, Lodoni Village and Lodoni Primary School.