Early Childhood Centre Launches E-Learning


Kings Kids Learning Centre in Savusavu became one of the first to introduce e-learning at kindergarten level in the country.

This was after the centre launched their e-learning programme where student lessons will be available online and accessing this through a tablet each in the classroom.

Director and supervisor of the centre, Maureen Kumar, said it was important that technology be integrated into learning as compared to traditional methods of teaching.

“An objective that we’re trying to push forward is the introduction of more advanced methods of learning which is why we’re introducing e-learning,” Mrs. Kumar said.

“As the world advances with technology, education should evolve with it.”

“Employing this will ensure that we will advance and enhance the skillsets needed for this modern era.”

She added that children born into this technological era enjoyed learning their technology.

“They have their own tablets to use and their lessons are online, instead of the traditional way of learning, we implement it through technology,” Mrs. Kumar said.

“Children find it more interesting to learn that way.”

Mrs. Kumar said they opened the centre in February this year with the intention of providing quality early childhood care and learning experience for the Savusavu community.

“With 15 kindergarteners and 11 pre-schoolers, a small teacher to student ratio provides an opportunity for one to one teaching and learning,” she said.

Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Premila Kumar, while speaking at the launch, said there was a gap between what children did at home and what they did at the learning centres that could be bridged by incorporating technology in teaching and learning.

Minister Kumar said while basics like drawing, numbers and learning the alphabets were important, it was imperative that they integrate technology into teaching and learning.