Fijian Teacher Lauds Govt For Opportunity


“Teaching is my passion and I am thankful to the Fijian Government for giving us this op­portunity to continue to do what we love.”

These were the sentiments of 57-year-old Vasiti Vosawale who is a teacher and is currently teaching at Nauru Primary School under the Fiji Volunteer Scheme.

The Fiji Volunteer Scheme started in 2012 with the aim to give young people work experience and older people a chance to impart their skills.

Ms Vosawale, who has been teaching for nearly 40 years in Fiji and is now in her second year in Nauru, acknowledged the hard work that had been done by her colleagues and stated that it is not easy teaching in a foreign land.

“I have been teaching for two years now in Nauru and it has been a great experience. I have had my fair share of challenges, however, I have learnt how to overcome them especially with the help of my fellow Fijian teachers who are with me in Nauru,” she said.

“I am grateful to the Fijian Government for pro­viding us another opportunity to be able to continue teaching especially having to teach young kids in a foreign country.”

The Year 4 teacher travels to Fiji to visit her chil­dren during her school breaks and stated that even though she misses home she is passionate about her work especially teaching young students.

Meanwhile, the President Major General (Ret’d) Jioji Konrote welcomed the students from Nauru Primary School to Fiji and encouraged them to study hard so they can achieve their goals.

The students’ visit was part of their school cur­riculum on the geography of Viti Levu and learning more about the Fijian culture and traditions.

“Study hard and listen to your parents and one day you can become the President of your nation,” Pres­ident Konrote said.

The Fijian Head of State highlighted issues of cli­mate change and informed the children that even though they were too young they should be aware of what is happening around them.

“You are too young to know the full story about climate change but it’ll affect all our lives as Pacific Islanders more so in your case as well as Tuvalu and our friends further North. So for the teachers I hope you will explain to the children the profound fact of climate change to those of us who live in the Pa­cific”.

President Konrote also encouraged the students to keep fit and look after their health.