Govt Praised For Listening To Citizens’ Needs


The Fijian Government has been commended for its great work especially in listening to the needs of the people that had not been heard by past governments.

Speaking on behalf of Namoli villagers Josefa Turuva during the commissioning of the Namoli coastal protection works by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama highlighted how he was grateful to the Fijian Government for its tremendous work and support to all Fijians.

“Today I am thanking God for your leadership to come and do the works that were not done by past governments,” Mr Turuva said.

Mr Turuva highlighted how he had found request letters for the reclamation of their beach-front which dated back during Ratu Mara’s time and saw how these letters were just lying idle without being addressed by past governments.

“I am thankful that now with the Bainimarama-led Government all these issues that were ignored in the past have been addressed.”

“Today’s request was done a long time ago too, however, it was not addressed but today we have seen the fruits of your government’s work and we thank you for listening to our plea.”

Meanwhile, PM Bainimarama stated that as a seaside community, the villagers have lived off the bounty of their seas for generations. “But you’re also all too familiar with both the ocean’s immense potential and its power. And due to climate change, that power has been felt even more severely in recent years, putting your lives and livelihoods at risk.

“You all can see this change with your own eyes, and science backs up the experiences you live every day. Information collected by satellites shows that, since 1993, sea levels in Fiji have risen by about six millimetres per year –– about double the global average.

“My Government is committed to protecting Fijians from rising sea levels, all along our country’s more-than-1100 kilometres of shoreline.

“And that commitment is on full display here today in Namoli Village. You are all too familiar with the damaging erosion that is threatening properties in your community, and when I heard your plea for help, I knew we had to step in.

“Your new seawall stretches across 440 metres of shoreline, and is built to a standard aimed at maximum protection from coastal erosion.

“The stone-masonry seawall structure includes a pitching drain with a culvert to protect Namoli Village –– an ambitious project that came in at a Government investment of more than $700,000.

But the peace of mind that it will provide is priceless.”

PM Bainimarama also urged the villagers to continue to adhere to precautionary measures on COVID-19 as Fijians still need to take extra caution so no one can get infected.