Group Sets Example of Youth Empowerment



MATAIKADAWA youth group, a settlement in Navua, have set their sights on creating employment within their group for youths that have left school in the community.

With just eight months being registered as a proper group, youth leader Ilikimi Denicaucau says that they have achieved a lot and have more plans to expand their agricultural projects and two fish ponds.

“We managed to buy off two fish ponds from the village and we have cultivated one acre of land and started planting cabbage, pumpkin, lettuce and cucumber. We have harvested a few root crops like dalo and cassava and just earlier this month we began selling our cabbage and lettuce.”

“Our plan is to raise ducks and chickens so we have requested assistance from the Government in particular from the Ministry of Fisheries and also requested assistance from the ministry of youth and sports for proper fencing for our vegetable farms.”

The group is made of youths that have been laid off from work since the COVID-19 pandemic and mostly school leavers. Ilikimi shared their story that just within eight months the group of 28 talented individuals have managed to begin something from scratch.

“It takes a lot of dedication and commitment but I am glad to be part of a family that has so much unity so to speak. We might not have it all but when we set our sights on something and believe in it, we can achieve it.”

“Our latest project was renovating the village hall, painting it because this one place that we come together as a community. It’s been a wonderful experience and I challenge every youth or group to have vision and mission and believe that everything possible If we put our hearts and minds to it.”

Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Youth and Sports Parveen Kumar urged the youth members to make a difference in their community that will contribute towards the well-being of the community.

“In life, we get a lot of our loved ones, our friends and family and most importantly our community who supports us in many ways and we need to give back to our community as well.”

“For this financial year, my ministry will be once again assisting registered youth groups for assistance. Grant assistance will be advertised soon.”

Minister Kumar encouraged the youths that they can achieve anything when they believe in themselves.
“Remember, success kisses the feet of those who are not afraid of standing up after they fall.”