Hospital Registrar Thanks Trust For Financial Support


Growing up in a family that was not blessed with the best of health and thereby facing financial problems was a struggle that Sheetal Singh had to overcome with the help of some Good Samaritan. Both her parents were not able to work due to health reasons and not able to meet the financial needs placed Ms Singh in a dire situation which motivated her to seek assistance from JP Bayly Trust Fund.

The assistance by the fund helped her throughout her teenage years to where she is at right now.

She recalls the days when they would travel to hospital with her parents and at times there was not enough on the table for a day’s meal.

“My dad was a patient at Saint Giles Hospital as he suffers from hyperactive disorder and he has been admitted 28 times and my mum suffered from arthritis which made it hard for them to be employed.”

“I remember very well, one of the toughest moments of my life whilst travelling in one of the buses with mum on our way to Nausori to seek assistance for our education two-weeks prior to our school. We were not able to access any assistance so mum decided that we come to Suva.”

However, where there is a will, there is a way and not long after this relief came through the assistance from JP Bayley Trust Fund.

“I would like to thank the donors for the immense support they rendered during my childhood till where I am today.”
“All my education needs were sorted, I didn’t have to dread going to see the head teacher or principal to be told to pay up fees.”

“We would have competitions amongst other children that were also being assisted through the fund and the donors would encourage us to even excel academically.”

Ms Singh completed high school and later graduated from what was previously known as Fiji School of Medicine, now the Fiji National University’s College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

She is currently the registrar at the Saint Giles Hospital. The President, Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konrote paid tribute founder and commended the work done by the Trust Fund.

“The Education Center assists their children with kindergarten, primary and secondary schooling needs by way of fees where applicable, uniforms, shoes, bags, stationery and exercise books.”

“Also, several of their children in tertiary institutions have their fees and other requirements paid for by the Trust.

“Although assistance towards tertiary education has been in place for the past year with just a selected few being supported, this has now become an annual award from 2019 and is offered to those with exceptional academic results in Year 13 and who are keen to pursue higher studies.”

“Currently there are nine students on full tertiary scholarship and many more will be offered assistance in 2020.”

“Tertiary qualification is now a pre-requisite in securing a decent employment and the trust believes that deserving students should not be deprived of further studies in their chosen field.”

The Bayly Welfare operates from three centres -Suva, Lautoka and Labasa and till date has assisted over 1000 needy households each year and these activities are funded by the Bayly Trust with the assistance of donations from individuals and business houses.